Indierectory is Tackling the Daunting World of Taxes for Freelancers with A Special Webinar Tonight!

MANILA, Philippines — Manila’s hub for ad independents, The Indierectory, is launching its first-ever free crash course on finance and taxation in partnership with Taxumo! Catch the LIVE webinar on May 28-29, 2021.

Freelancers deserve more credit than what is given them. These industry nomads have spent years building relationships with companies, maintaining their reputation as dependable workers. On the contrary, as independents, not a lot of work is done for them. Especially, in helping them file their taxes. 

Being employed in a big company means that taxes are the least of your problems, with a Finance and a Human Resource (HR) department figuring things out for you. So one of the hassles that you have to endure for flying solo is having to do the dirty work yourself.

Different types of taxes, BIR registration, overdue receivables…where to begin? 

All these concerns and more will be answered on The Indierectory Tax Show, featuring Taxumo’s Finance & Taxation Crash Course on May 28-29. Taxumo is the Philippines’ #1 online tax assistance platform, so you’re sure to learn all the basics.

The Indierectory Tax Show, Image courtesy of GIGIL

The first episode will cover the fundamentals of business registration for freelancers, which will air on May 28 at 6 pm. Then catch the next episode on May 29 at 3 pm, to get an  introduction to freelancer’s taxation. The show will be hosted by the CEO of Taxumo, EJ Arboleda, and broadcast LIVE on The Indierectory’s Facebook page.

While the webinar is open to all, you can gain exclusive access to other useful content by signing up for The Indierectory via This is also a great opportunity for freelancers to showcase their work, and be noticed by companies.

But whether or not you’re a freelancer, the taxation process shouldn’t be intimidating. Not if you attend The Indierectory Tax Show

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