ICYMI: Bless Your Naked Eyes With Glorietta’s Biggest Indoor 3D LED Screen

MANILA, Philippines—If you are on the lookout for an innovative touch this holiday season, Ayala Malls is out and about on its surprises during this time of the year. Wow your eyes with the largest vertical, 3-sided indoor LED in the country and see things come to life. This ingenious attraction at the cutting edge ups the ante of avenue for amazement and joy. 

Recently, this “naked-eye“ technology enticed the attention of mall-goers at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City, that filled delight all within the safe, accessible, and convenient enclosures of the mall. Filipinos gathering in front of this huge screen brings a familiar picture of the fascinated faces of people in New York Times Square and Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station when they first witnessed the display of their own 3D LED screen. 

From the most popular concerts and events, interactive portals for big format gaming, and now with images that come to life and jump out of the screen, Ayala Malls is indeed the home of amazing adventures and make fascinating visions into reality. With nothing but the naked eye, Glorietta’s LED screen continues to be a source of wonder and delight through this 3D astounding marvel.

Images courtesy of Ayala Malls.

The choice of what content to display on the 3D screen, for certain, made conversations during their launch preparations. With the intent of stirring viewers’ emotions, Glorietta showcased the cutest  and most endearing subject that both kids and adults enjoyed watching. The mall’s biggest pup definitely charmed everyone. 

Images courtesy of Ayala Malls.

Prior to this delight of activations, Ayala Mall-goers have already seen interactive displays like the projection-mapped Stranger Things display of Netflix Philippines and the interactive Giant Tetris game during the Glorietta Game Fest. 

Images courtesy of Ayala Malls.

Indeed, the leading lifestyle mall in the land greatly cares about the experiences each of their visitors will get, as they continually look for new ideas and innovations to enhance their mall attractions. You can only anticipate bigger and better things in the years ahead. 

Get primed for more holiday fun and head straight to Glorietta for a marvelous 3D experience. Visit @iloveglorietta on Facebook and Instagram for more details and updates on their mall events and festivities.