Bright Lights, Big Cheer: Unboxing Joy in BGC’s Christmas Wonderland

MANILA, Philippines—As the holiday season approaches, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is poised to enchant its community with a magnificent celebration that promises to linger in the hearts of all who partake.

With the festive spirit radiating brighter than ever, BGC recently revealed its colossal Christmas tree, a beacon of joy designed to illuminate the season. This heartwarming tradition is BGC’s way of spreading joy and festive cheer among its community.

Image Courtesy of Bonifacio Global City.

Standing tall along 7th Avenue, the towering tree, adorned with twinkling lights and ornaments, embodies the city’s holiday spirit, casting a warm and inviting glow across the square.

The grand unveiling of this year’s Christmas tree was accompanied by the enchanting holiday melodies of the award-winning vocal group, Pinopela. Their performance, featuring beloved Christmas hits, set the perfect tone for the festive season, inviting everyone to unbox the holidays with joy.

Image Courtesy of Bonifacio Global City.

In the weeks to come, BGC will host a series of exciting activities, including weekly fireworks displays with Sparks in the Sky, heartwarming Santa Meet and Greets, and daily Simbang Gabi services from December 15-24.

The festive ambiance extends throughout BGC, with seven larger-than-life holiday installations adorning the area, from the streets of Bonifacio High Street to the buildings along Bonifacio High Street South and Bonifacio South Street.

Images Courtesy of Bonifacio Global City.

Don’t miss the chance to explore BGC’s public parks, transformed into festive wonderlands with giant bows, turning the entire area into a colossal gift waiting to be unwrapped this holiday season.

Unboxing more holiday cheer

Images Courtesy of Bonifacio Global City.

BGC’s holiday magic goes beyond a giant Christmas tree! Snap festive fireworks pics against the backdrop of Southeast Asia’s first-ever integrated 3D digital billboard, a dazzling 400-square-meter spectacle. This visual feast exemplifies BGC’s dedication to avant-garde creativity, adding an extra layer of wonder for every visitor.

Images Courtesy of Bonifacio Global City.

Discover this holiday marvel at 5th Avenue, BGC, and let the vibrant lights spark your festive spirit. Marc Buencamino, FBDC’s Director for Leasing, Operations, and Marketing, shares, “We’re bringing the biggest celebration yet, from our dazzling Christmas tree to the vibrant Sparks in the Sky fireworks and the launch of Southeast Asia’s first 3D billboard. Join us for a Christmas families won’t forget!”

Unbox the holidays in style at BGC—visit the dazzling Christmas tree on 7th Avenue until January 6, 2024, and catch the larger-than-life magic of the 3D LED billboard on 5th Avenue. For more festive details, follow Bonifacio Global City on Facebook.