Ayala Center Cebu Offers Endless Entertainment Options for a Delight-Filled Experience

CEBU, PhilippinesThere is no denying the long-standing relationship between Filipinos and malls, with a variety of events and milestones finding their way into this happy melting spot. As Filipino lives alter, so do their needs.

As a cornerstone of the retail industry, Ayala Malls is always striving to improve its standards to offer the best experience possible for mall dwellers seven days a week. In the South, you can find this at Ayala Center Cebu.

Are you looking for good quality coffee? How about a haven for all your fitness and sports needs? Plus, don’t forget bonding time with the family! What you’re looking for, you’ll find at Ayala Center Cebu. You can enjoy more amazing experiences at Cebu’s premier lifestyle destination with new store openings.

Do you desire to purchase high-quality coffee? What about a safe haven for all of your sporting and fitness needs? Don’t forget to spend time with your family! You can find everything you need at Ayala Center Cebu. 

With its new store openings, you can have even more incredible experiences at Cebu’s top lifestyle destination.

Immerse Inside this Nespresso Haven

For coffee talk, work sessions, and unwinding after a long day working, the upcoming Nespresso café is a beautifully designed haven where people can indulge with luxury coffee and get an immersive coffee experience. 

The boutique features seagrass wall art, proudly made by ‘Rolyolikha at iba pa Handicrafts’—a social enterprise that creates a sustainable, feasible, and viable livelihood for communities, crafting creations made from sustainable materials and ethical practices.

Continuing the immersive experience is a window-to-farm feature that gives a virtual view of coffee farms, bringing customers closer to the natural origin of the coffee. There will also be a greenery wall that symbolizes the local coffee plantations where the coffee beans are sustainably sourced. 

Image courtesy of Ayala Malls

Customers can explore their favorite coffee at Nespresso’s Atelier table, where a coffee specialist can answer all Nespresso coffee-related questions, including specific recommendations for guests to match each one’s taste and pallet.

Nike Rise is your partner in Leveling-Up Your Game 

Spanning 697 square meters is a running track-inspired space dedicated to sports and an active lifestyle. 

Image courtesy of Ayala Malls

Image courtesy of Ayala Malls

This massive store will offer consumers a range of innovative gear, sporting essentials, and seasonal offerings. 

Some in-store highlights include Stylish Expert Sessions and Bra Fitting, where Store Athletes can assist and advise on what gear suits their activity and form the best. Expect upcoming community events and classes to happen in this place bursting with energy. 

Explore, and Learn at the Museum of Emotion

Feast your eyes with beautifully curated and colorful art at the fun and interactive Museum of Emotions, in partnership with the Philippine Amusement and Entertainment Corporation (PAEC). 

This experiential museum allows its guests to appreciate and recognize the different emotional states a human can feel. 

With over 30 plus colorful and eye-catching art installations, this interactive place of emotions offers a one-of-a-kind experience with different activities that highlight various emotions. 

To encourage the expression of emotions through art, more than eight Instagrammable locations were curated.

The sole purpose of the Museum of Emotions is to spread the word of how essential it is to comprehend emotions in order to understand oneself and others deeper.

The fact that Ayala Malls have something for everyone makes all of this sound exciting. The Ayala Center Cebu social media pages on Facebook and Instagram can be followed for news and updates.