SL Agritech is Adamant About its Commitment to Advancing the Philippine Agricultural Industry

MANILA, Philippines—A major goal for thousands of rice farmers in the Philippines is raising production. It not only denotes an abundant harvest but also increased earnings.

The Philippines’ endeavors to develop agriculture, the foundation of its economy, center on increasing rice yields. However, a farmer’s commitment and labor alone are not enough to guarantee a large production. With hybrid seeds having up to 15% better yields than inbred seeds, using the right seed varieties is crucial and can have a significant impact on helping farmers increase productivity.

Image courtesy of SL Agritech

SL Agritech, the leading producer of hybrid rice seeds and premium rice in the Philippines and an innovator in the agricultural field, has consistently championed new technologies and inclusive agricultural practices to empower farmers and provide opportunities for a bountiful harvest. 

The company understands the country’s food security goals and the growing demands of the Filipino market. To help boost productivity and efficiency, SL Agritech has made hybrid seeds readily available to the farmers – providing them with authority and empowerment that helps lay the groundwork for food sufficiency and a healthy economy.

For farmers toiling in rice paddies, increased yields makes a huge difference in their lives. George Pasion, a 47-year old farmer from Ilocos Norte, knows the pains of not being able to harvest enough and earning so little for all the hard work and effort they have put in. 

Having been a farmer all his life, he has seen the struggle with low-yielding rice varieties. It was not until he started using the SL-8H hybrid rice seed variety from SL Agritech that he saw a considerable increase in his crop, from harvesting 80-120 cavans per hectare using inbred rice varieties to yielding over 200 cavans now—something he has never experienced before he made the switch to hybrid seeds. 

Since 2003, Pasion has been using SL-8H hybrid seeds. He notes that the grains are whole, as opposed to other varieties that are cracked or granulated. He stands by the good results of SL-8H, especially during the dry season. Most importantly, his success enabled him to support the education of his children. To date, his eldest child is about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in accountancy—an achievement that Pasion is extremely proud of. 

Pasion reported 285.6 cavans or 14.3 metric tons per hectare (MT/ha) of rice harvested in his last cropping season. Apart from this, he can earn as much as PHP200,000.00 during the dry season by using the SL-8H rice seed variety. 

Rehuel Almores, a farmer from Antique, has experienced the same good results with hybrid rice. From his rented 4-hectare farmland with sufficient water supply, he has harvested as much as 270 cavans of rice – nearly 7,000 sacks of rice. His choice is SL-20H, an all-weather hybrid rice that can be planted and harvested all year round. 

SL-20H is the result of SL Agritech’s efforts to offer hybrid rice varieties that match weather conditions of the Philippines. Almores observed that he has not encountered pest and insect infestations ever since he used this variety. Because of the ability to plant year-round, he has managed to have a larger crop, translating to greater income. In fact, after less than a decade of using SL-20H, he was able to build his own house and support his children’s education. 

Also sharing this success story is June Rey Peñafiel, a 28-year old farmer, agriculturist, and 2019 Young Farmers Awardee from Maguindanao. He believes in empowering the youth through agriculture. He has supported agriculture students by giving free lectures and accepting them as On-The-Job trainees, while offering free consultations to farmers. 

Peñafiel saw the benefits of using SL Agritech’s hybrid rice varieties for its resiliency and high-yielding capabilities. Because of the ever-evolving technology, supported by programs within private and public sectors, Peñafiel sees a strong recovery for the local agri sector. For that, he is grateful to the Department of Agriculture’s Rice Resiliency Project (RRP), which allowed him to acquire the SL hybrid seeds.  

Pasion, Almores, and Peñafiel are just three of thousands of farmers whose lives have changed positively for the better ever since they started using SL Agritech’s hybrid rice seeds to improve their crop yields. 

Rehuel Almores and George Pasion showcase bountiful harvest for the season. Image courtesy of SL Agritech

“SL Agritech recognizes that our research and technologies promoting modern farming methods have a transformative impact on the lives of Filipino farmers. This is what drives us to undertake research on more groundbreaking technologies that would improve farmers’ livelihoods, develop Philippine agriculture, ensure food sufficiency, and spur national development,” concludes SL Agritech CEO Henry Lim Bon Liong.

Uncover how innovations from SL Agritech, including its hybrid rice seeds, are revolutionizing Philippine agriculture. To find out more information about the hybrid rice seed varieties offered, visit the SL Agritech website and Facebook page.