Manulife’s Festive Venture at the 2023 MassKara Festivals

MANILA, Philippines—Manulife, a leading financial services provider, recently played a key role in the vibrant celebrations of the 2023 MassKara Festival in Bacolod, a significant annual event in the country.

During the festivities, Manulife not only sponsored major events but also took the opportunity to showcase its diverse life, health, investment, and retirement offerings. In a strategic move, the company expanded its recruitment campaign in the City of Smiles, reaffirming its commitment to Negros Occidental and its mission to financially empower more Filipinos nationwide.

Image Courtesy of Manulife.

As part of its community engagement, Manulife organized career orientation programs for locals in Bacolod, aiming to provide new job and income opportunities. This initiative encourages festival attendees to embark on a meaningful career journey with Manulife, making insurance more accessible to Filipinos.

Rahul Hora, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Philippines, emphasized the company’s dedication to serving more Filipinos in the Visayas and beyond. He highlighted the significance of insurance in helping customers achieve their goals, prepare for uncertainties, ensure protection for themselves and their loved ones, and reach their financial aspirations.

Reflecting on the MassKara Festival’s celebration of a colorful and vibrant culture filled with courage, hope, and resilience, Hora expressed Manulife’s commitment to empowering more Filipinos. The goal is to enable individuals to take charge of their health and finances, allowing them to live confidently and make every day better.

For more information about the event, visit the Manulife Philippines website ( and follow them on social media channels (@ManulifePH).