Lalamove Honors Three Filipino Business Owners Conquering Traffic with Deliveries

MANILA, Philippines—‘Tis the season of Christmas, bringing with it the familiar hustle and bustle of crowded malls and traffic as everyone rushes to buy gifts and prepare for festive gatherings. While this time spells good news for business owners, the heightened demand for products and services can be a double-edged sword.

Yet, three resilient entrepreneurs from Aguirre Office Furniture,, and Etiquetta PH are prepared to navigate the holiday rush. Here’s how they are powering through this season:

Image Courtesy of Lalamove.

Aguirre Office Furniture

Aguirre Office Furniture experienced a surge in orders and inquiries since October, attributing the 50 percent increase in demand during the holiday season to their national office furniture and solutions services.

Chief Financial Officer Ken Arocena acknowledged the operational challenges brought about by the heightened demand, including potential shipping delays and managing customer expectations.

To address these issues, Arocena revealed that they turned to Lalamove for a solution, praising the platform’s diverse services and affordable rates for enabling Aguirre Office Furniture to efficiently fulfill their business commitments. Arocena also shared their “secret hack” of leveraging Lalamove’s multiple booking feature to minimize logistics costs and streamline order deliveries to multiple locations simultaneously.

For, a renowned flower shop in Manila, the demand is notably high, particularly for their sought-after fresh mini pine trees, wreaths, and Christmas centerpieces. Chief Executive Officer Abigail Ang-Santander highlighted the robustness of their event styling business during the festive season, emphasizing the need for perfection in every celebration. To manage the surge, Abigail explained their proactive approach of preparing and dispatching orders early or post-rush hours, ensuring meticulous inventory management to minimize rush orders for suppliers.

During this peak season, Abigail heavily relies on Lalamove, expressing appreciation for its efficiency in handling multiple drops and vehicles. She noted, “With Lalamove, I can book multiple drops and multiple vehicles, especially for our time-sensitive products to reach our clients on time.” When asked about her favorite feature of the on-demand delivery app, she highlighted the reliability of trusted partner drivers, emphasizing the importance of careful and courteous deliveries despite the challenges of being stuck in traffic throughout the day.

Etiquetta PH

Etiquetta PH, a souvenir shop, advises customers to book in advance to navigate the holiday rush. CEO Ria San Juan-Gumaru shares their early bird promos and scheduled pickups, starting in August, ensuring efficient logistics management amid challenges like traffic delays.

During peak season, they rely on Lalamove for seamless and efficient deliveries. Ria praises Lalamove’s user-friendly app and the flexibility of its extensive fleet. Lalamove Philippines Managing Director Djon Nacario emphasizes the platform’s dedication to supporting micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) during the holidays.

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