Kopiko Joins Movement to Help Frontliners Amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Amidst the enhanced community quarantine brought by the threat of COVID-19 in many parts of the Philippines, and the world, coffee brand Kopiko continues to be undeterred in extending a helping hand, especially to Filipinos most affected during this trying time.

The brand has immediately responded to the call to support frontliners, releasing products to initially cover six hospitals, 1,500 health workers, including 25,000 military personnel – all in the first week of the community quarantine in Metro Manila.

Kopiko also immediately worked hand in hand with the Frontline Feeders PH, comprised of a group of doctors, restaurant owners and non-government organizations mobilizing food distribution to different hospitals in the Greater Manila Area. This includes the immediate dispatch of Le Minerale bottled water and Kopiko Iced ready to drink coffee.

Kopiko also partnered with the Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed) Foundation for the donation of coffee and bottled water to the 25,000 police and military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), who are tasked to enforce the government’s directives.

The brand also worked to ensure not only that stores all over the country remain well-stocked with its products, but also for its employees and sub-contractors to remain safe and well-compensated as they work either at home, in the office, or on the field.

On March 19, Kopiko donated supplies of its ready-to-drink bottled coffee and Kopiko coffee mixes to essential medical and security frontliners, in a gesture of appreciation, gratitude, and support.

Philippine General Hospital
San Lazaro Hospital
Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

Both important public and private hospitals such as Philippine General Hospital, the Lung Center of the Philippines, the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, and San Lazaro Hospital, non-profit organizations such as the MakatiMed Foundation and Frontline Feeders PH, and the AFP were the beneficiaries of Kopiko’s donation.

AFP’s Philippine Navy was also a beneficiary of the brand’s aid. Kopiko will continue to make donations of its coffee products, with more deliveries for frontline policemen and hospitals scheduled this week.

On top of its donation, Kopiko has also taken steps to protect their employees. Last March 16, it implemented work-from-home arrangements in light of the strict measures of the general community quarantine imposed by the Philippine government. A skeletal force stayed on to oversee stocks and make sure deliveries continue.

Other than the work-from-home arrangement, Kopiko made sure employees are well-compensated to tide them over the quarantine period. It disbursed full company benefits to employees including safety kits, health allowances, quarantine assistance, medical insurance, 13th month salaries, and early release of the performance bonuses, as well as sub-contractors who also received their pro-rated 13th month salaries.

Kopiko also assured Filipino consumers of a steady supply of its coffee mixes and ready-to-drink products, as well as Energen cereals, Le Minerale mineral water, CalCheese, Valmer and Malkist biscuits in retail outlets in the Philippines as the country goes through the enhanced community quarantine.

Distribution to around 350,000 outlets nationwide continues, with the field sales teams also constantly checking stores to make sure the stock on hand remains sufficient. Merchandisers were commissioned and assigned to support retail stores to assist customers.