Innovation Takes Flight: airasia Digital’s Next MOVE in Travel

MANILA, Philippines—In a strategic move reaffirming its unwavering commitment to the world of travel, Capital A’s digital powerhouse, airasia Digital, proudly announces its evolution into MOVE Digital (MOVE). This rebranding represents an exhilarating chapter in our journey towards growth, encompassing both our flagship ventures: airasia Superapp and BigPay.

As part of our ongoing transformation, MOVE’s travel platform, airasia Superapp, is poised for a fresh identity under the name ‘airasia move’ in the near future.

The announcement brings excitement as it reveals that Tony Fernandes, the visionary co-founder of AirAsia and CEO of Capital A, will be taking on the crucial position of Executive Chairman of MOVE. His leadership is poised to play a pivotal role in cultivating a seamless collaboration between airasia Superapp (soon to be airasia move) and BigPay, unlocking the genuine potential and synergy between these dynamic digital entities.

Image Courtesy of airasia.

Fernandes, Executive Chairman of MOVE, commented, “The name MOVE resonates with our role as Capital A’s digital arm and underscores our commitment to advancing people, ideas, and innovation within the travel sphere. Imagine a world where access to travel and financial services seamlessly converges on a single platform, integrating features such as balance displays, top-ups, and payments from BigPay, thereby enhancing airasia move’s status as the preferred travel app. My role as MOVE’s Executive Chairman is to further strengthen the synergy between these businesses, offering an enriched user experience and deeper integration of BigPay features into airasia Superapp (now airasia move) in the near future.”

In this exciting new phase of travel innovation for MOVE, we extend a warm welcome to Nadia Omer, our newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of airasia move, effective October 26th. Her primary focus will be to propel airasia move’s vision as a low-cost travel platform with high conversion, working in close partnership with Zubin Rada Krishnan, who leads BigPay. In the interim, Mohamad Hafidz, the acting CEO, will continue to guide our business, and we express our heartfelt appreciation for his contributions in recent months.

Over the past two years, airasia Superapp, soon to be airasia move, has rapidly evolved into a comprehensive travel platform offering unmatched value and convenience through seamless end-to-end booking experiences. Simultaneously, BigPay has carved its niche as an innovative fintech provider, empowering Southeast Asians to elevate their financial well-being.

Both of Capital A’s digital ventures have made significant strides, with airasia Superapp (soon to be airasia move) achieving a record high of 15 million monthly active users at the end of the second quarter, while BigPay witnessed an impressive 16% YoY growth in carded users during the same period.

MOVE Digital Sdn Bhd (formerly airasia Digital Sdn Bhd) stands as Capital A Berhad’s digital arm, housing two transformative enterprises: airasia Superapp (soon to be airasia move) and BigPay. MOVE is dedicated to revolutionizing the travel and financial services sectors by delivering innovative, user-centric solutions with unbeatable value.