Ely Buendia’s Offshore Music Partners with Sony Music Philippines for Exciting Ventures

MANILA, Philippines—Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Philippines has entered into a strategic partnership with Offshore Music, an indie label based in the Philippines renowned for its innovative artistry and unwavering commitment to creative integrity. Within this collaboration, SME Philippines will globally distribute Offshore Music’s catalog while working collaboratively to devise marketing strategies, media promotions, artist development, brand partnerships, and synchronization efforts.

Ely Buendia, the Filipino rock icon acclaimed for penning and producing some of the Philippines’ most iconic songs, including hits for ’90s alternative legends The Eraserheads, spearheads Offshore Music. This Manila-based label houses a roster of meticulously curated artists and bands such as Apartel, Ena Mori, Pinkmen, Sulo, Sansette, Eliza Marie, and Toni Panagu.

Image Courtesy Sony Music.

“Having Ely Buendia on board is a homecoming for Sony Music, given our history with The Eraserheads’ catalog,” shared Roslyn Pineda, General Manager of Sony Music Entertainment, Philippines. “Through this partnership, we’re excited to enhance our collaboration and work more closely with him. Ely Buendia stands as an exceptional and inspirational mentor for the current generation of talented Filipino musicians.”

Buendia emphasized that this distinctive partnership is designed to establish a promising future for Filipino musicians. The aim is to craft dynamic campaigns that artistically and commercially challenge the boundaries of music, ultimately expanding their reach both domestically and internationally. “We’re optimistic that this distinctive collaboration marks the beginning of a new and vibrant era for the Filipino music landscape,” expressed Ely Buendia.

Among the initial offerings from this partnership is Ena Mori’s reimagined rendition of her 2022 single “VIVID.” Released anew with a hauntingly sparse arrangement and accompanied by visuals shot in the chilly mountain town of Sagada, the revised “VIVID” version exudes a sense of poise and direction. Ena Mori’s ethereal vocal performance enriches the composition, delivering a profound musical experience. The music video features appearances by Ely Buendia, the band Sulo, and other members of the Offshore Music family.