Have One Thing Less to Worry About This Pandemic with MyMaxicare’s Full and Extensive HMO Plans

MANILA, Philippines — Over a year into this pandemic and arguably the number one thing it has taught us is that health is our most valuable asset. Despite the imminent threat of serious illness, we need to keep our bodies safe and find ways to tide through expenses if ever we get sick.

No doubt, this uncertainty on where to pull and pool funds from is the root of a lot of our pandemic anxieties, and it’s normal. Because of extra safety measures that they have to take, hospitals have to raise their prices. And as household decision makers—whether of our family or of our own solo households—we are committed to taking proper care of ourselves and our families by providing for them and securing their health as best as we can.

The easiest, quickest and even best option for securing one’s health is to procure a reliable HMO for you and your family. But with so many HMO plans available, the anxiety piles up even more when faced with deciding on which HMO plan to choose: which HMO will offer the most comprehensive coverage? Which HMO will feature the widest network of healthcare providers?  Which HMO is affordable but will provide the best healthcare for me and my family? And in those two respects, which HMO is best?

MyMaxicare is the most respected HMO plan for individuals and families alike. It is a full-risk, full coverage healthcare plan that offers a comprehensive coverage, with the widest network of hospitals, clinics, and providers in the Philippines. Truly perfect for families of any size and covering a wide age range, MyMaxicare is eligible for individuals and their dependents as young as 15 days old, and as old as 60 years and five months old. 

MyMaxicare card, Image courtesy of MyMaxicare

From as early as a few weeks old to the golden years, MyMaxicare provides the following benefits to its clients:

1. Inpatient Benefits

From room and board accommodation, professional physician fees, anesthesia and oxygen administration, to laboratory procedures—see the FAQs for full list.

2. Outpatient Benefits

Regular consultations, minor surgeries, diagnostic procedures, speech therapy, and therapeutic procedures such as chemotherapy and dialysis—see FAQs for full list.

3. Emergency Care

Emergency Room access in Maxicare-affiliated hospitals, and a wide set of inclusions for non-affiliated hospitals within the Philippines, areas within the Philippines without Maxicare- affiliated      hospitals, and even outside the Philippines subject for reimbursements—see FAQs for complete inclusions.

4. Maxicare Primary Care Center

There are 10 Maxicare-owned state-of-the-art healthcare clinics where members get the exclusive care they deserve. See FAQs for full list.

5. Preventive Care

Vaccination for tetanus and animal bites, as well as monitoring and counseling on health and wellness concerns—see FAQs for full list.

6. Annual Check-Up

Physical examination, fecalysis, urinalysis, chest X-ray and complete blood count.

7. Value-Added Benefits

Maxicare has partnered with Assist America Asia Limited to provide you with global emergency assistance services. This program immediately connects you to qualified healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies and other services if you encounter an emergency while traveling more than 150km away from your permanent residence, or in another country, for up to 90 days. Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. This service is accessible via the Assist America mobile app in both the App Store and Google Play.

See FAQs for full list of inclusions for both Medical and Non-Medical emergency assistance.

8. Dental Care (optional)

Annual oral dental examinations, emergency dental treatments, permanent and temporary fillings, annual oral prophylaxis and simple tooth extractions, among others—see FAQs for full list.

There are four MyMaxicare plans to choose from, each with their own maximum benefit limit per individual and dependent:

Image courtesy of MyMaxicare

Each MyMaxicare plan is customizable customizable to fit any financial capacity, plans can be paid annually, semi-annually or quarterly, with online payment methods available. Committed to protect the health of the whole family, MyMaxicare also covers the following dependents:

Image courtesy of MyMaxicare

MyMaxicare covers pre-existing conditions, subject to limits that vary per plan type and the number of years of membership. For more information on pre-existing conditions, contact Maxicare via: (02)85821900 (PLDT) or (02)77987777 (Globe)     .

With the wide array of HMO plans available, it truly pays to be presented with the best options that will put your mind at ease—not just for you, but for your family. Get #MaximumCareMinimumWorry with the most comprehensive medical coverage and widest network of healthcare providers, proving that #MyMaxiCARESForMe, and #MyMaxiCARESForMyFamily.

For more information, read MyMaxicare FAQs: https://www.maxicare.com.ph/faqs/

Visit the Maxicare website at: https://www.maxicare.com.ph/healthcare-program-for-me-and-my-family/my-maxicare/ for the full list of benefits and inclusions!