This New Adult Nutritional Milk Beverage Promises Triple Immune Protection

MANILA, Philippines — It’s a long known fact that as we age, our immune system weakens. As such, a weakened immune system results to increased risk of infections, metabolic imbalance, and neurodegenerative disorders1. In fact, in the Philippines, health statistics from the Department of Health, shows that immune-related diseases including: Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Influenza, Bronchitis and Pneumonia are among top causes of illness and deaths2.

Now, more than ever, it has been made apparent how older people are the most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and fatality3. To combat threats to their health, older adults need to boost their immunity with a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, and proper supplements.

Mead Johnson Nutrition (Philippines), Inc. introduces the New PROVITAL Immuna Plus, an adult nutritional milk beverage for ages 50 and up that provides TRIPLE IMMMUNE PROTECTION bannering benefits from Yeast Beta-glucan, Selenium, and Vitamin C.

Together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle practices, two glasses of PROVITAL Immuna Plus daily contains nutrients that can equip the body with proper nutrition to help fight the threats of immunity-related diseases such as Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, influenza, bronchitis, and pneumonia1,4,5.

New PROVITAL Immuna Plus is the ONLY adult nutritional milk beverage with Yeast Beta-glucan, a key immune-boosting ingredient which is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) by 64% and help with faster recovery time5. Yeast Beta-glucan is known for its ability to enhance the immune system by activating the immune cells to destroy pathogens. Selenium and Vitamin C are both powerful antioxidants that regulate immune function6,7 and strengthen defense8,9. At 2 servings per day, PROVITAL Immuna Plus is also high in calcium and Vitamin D which promote bone and muscle strength.

“Many don’t realize, but muscle and body aches, constant fatigue, and frequent colds & coughs are common signs of weakened immunity. As adults 50 years and up enter their best years, they shouldn’t have to compromise on life. Evolving germs and viruses make immunity more important than ever, especially for older adults who are most susceptible.  Mead Johnson is proud to introduce PROVITAL Immuna Plus: an enhanced adult milk designed to boost immunity and complement a healthy and active lifestyle,” said Matthew Davis, Marketing Director of Reckitt Philippines.

New PROVITAL Immuna Plus is available on Lazada and Shopee and in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.


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