McDonald’s Sets the Holiday Season to a Craze with these Holiday Treats

MANILA, Philippines—Holiday season is undeniably the most wonderful time of the year; from endless wrapping of presents, decorating a store-bought tree, to justified overeating.

Definitely, December being everyone’s favorite month of the year is not questioned. With that, McDonald’s wishes to celebrate this time of the year with you and give you a taste of their holiday treats. 

McDonald’s newly introduced holiday delectables and flavors will enliven your celebration with their McCrispy Hamonado Sandwich, Coffee Caramel McFlurry, Speculoos Cookie McFlurry, and Speculoos Cookie Frappe. Each treat offers their own twist made special for the year-end celebration. 

Poster courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines.

A festive Christmas twist on your everyday McCrispy sandwich is made possible with the McCrispy Hamonado Sandwich. A savory slice of Canadian bacon and hamonado glaze on your chicken fillet is even topped with a drizzle of honey dressing, its flavor will give you a taste that you’ll always look back to once the celebration is over. So, grab as many bites as you can. 

The fun is yet to end, as McDonald’s has upped the ante with its sweet dessert options, too. Coffee Caramel McFlurry will bring you to a flurry of emotions through every sweetness-infused sip. For those who can’t get enough of cookie butter, McDonald’s offers not one, but two versions of the treat with the Speculoos Cookie McFlurry – available in McDonald’s branches with McCafé – and the Speculoos Cookie Frappe. 

Eating at McDonald’s with your good old friends after a long drive will make you cap off this season with a memory bag filled with spontaneity. Greet the end of Christmas season with McDonald’s holiday offerings, now available at your nearest McDonald’s branch via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and McDelivery!