Ring in the Screams with this Limited-Edition Halloween Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme

PHILIPPINES—Filipino doughnut staple, Krispy Kreme brings in unique twists to your favorite sweet treats. Until November 2, Krispy Skreme: Spell Book Doughnuts are coming to the Home of the Originals.

These spooky specials are available for dine in, pickup, drive through, and delivery nationwide. What better way to celebrate Halloween than sharing various fun and delicious Spell Book-themed doughnuts.

Images courtesy of Krispy Kreme Philippines

Starting with the Wicked Witch, ​a dulce kreme-filled doughnut hand-dipped in melon chocolate, designed with gray kreme icing, black chocolate coating, and finished off with lashes and a witch hat chocolate topper. The witch isn’t complete without her Wicked Broom, another dulce kreme-filled doughnut hand-dipped in black chocolate coating, designed with melon chocolate icing, and topped with a stick of chocolate-flavored Pejoy for the broomstick.

Bite into the Magic Cauldron, a chocolate cake doughnut, hand-dipped melon chocolate, designed with green kreme icing and finished-off with halloween blend sprinkles, a bloody eye chocolate topper, and a stick of chocolate flavored Pejoy.

A surprise treat is ahead of you with the Enchanted Apple that either has dark chocolate or spiced apple filling. Unlock a lot of these possibilities when you open the Book of Spells, chocolate ring doughnut hand-dipped in orange chocolate, designed with violet chocolate mix, and finished-off with a book of spells chocolate topper.

What’s more, the Black Cat will definitely make you lucky, filled with creamy vanilla, hand-dipped in a dark compound glaze, topped with crushed Oreos, red chocolate coating, white chocolate coins and a triangle of chocolate toppers. Adding to the Halloween fun also is the Halloween Minis, chocolate mini rings, hand-dipped in either orange or violet chocolate coating, topped with mixed Halloween sprinkles.

Images courtesy of Krispy Kreme Philippines

Get these delicious Halloween treats starting at the price of Php 70 and in assorted boxes of 6 at Php 327. You may also get the Mini-Halloween Sprinkles in sampler boxes of 3 at Php 150 or at dozens and double dozen boxes.

“We want to thank our OGs for 85 years of constant support and being with us from the very start. To show our gratitude, we want to make this year’s Halloween celebration more special through these creative Spell Book Halloween Doughnuts that would be perfect for celebrations with family and friends,” said Ysabel Cruz, Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme.

In a special collaboration, Glico Philippines, Inc. (Manila, Philippines) and Krispy Kreme Philippines are inviting patrons to bask into this Halloween offering of limited-edition doughnuts featuring Glico’s Pejoy biscuit sticks.

Glico’s Pejoy biscuit sticks filled with indulgent chocolate cream were playfully used in 3 out of these 6 festive creations that were inspired by the quintessential element of the magical world—the spell book. Bearing spellbinding names: Enchanted Apple, Witch’s Broom and Magic Cauldron, these Krispy Kreme doughnuts with Pejoy biscuit sticks look equally charming and are created to delight and indulge discerning palettes during this Halloween season.

Images courtesy of Krispy Kreme Philippines

Takashi Miki, Marketing Head, Glico Philippines, Inc. said, “At Glico, we strongly value creativity, which is one of the Seven Principles that guide the way we conduct our business. In this creative collaboration between two well-loved food brands, we are delighted to indulge families and communities with Pejoy through the wonderful, original creations of Krispy Kreme. Good food brings people together and we want to continue to serve communities by being the catalyst for bringing people together to relax over enjoyable treats, especially on special occasions.”

Cruz added, “We are all about Making Happy Happen for our Originals, and this Halloween, we’re doing just that by launching our Krispy Skremes campaign with our NEW Spell Book theme! We hope to share the spook with our #NewOriginals not just through our doughnuts, but fun Halloween activities, both online & in-store, and strong partnerships especially with brands such as Glico and delicious Pejoy!”

The Krispy Skreme Spell Book collection is available at all Krispy Kreme stores and online shop in the Philippines until 31 October 2022. Krispy Kreme will also be giving out a special Trick or Treat goodie bag at their stores nationwide on October 30-31 (while supplies last) so be sure to drop by the Krispy Kreme store nearest to you.

Images courtesy of Krispy Kreme Philippines

Go to any participating Krispy Kreme stores nationwide to check out these specials. Visit your nearest store today, or have it delivered to your doorstep by calling 888-79000 or ordering online through now.krispykreme.com.ph, GrabFood, Foodpanda, Pick.a.Roo, Mangan, OrderMo, and Groover.