Here are Four Ways You Can Enjoy this New Lasagna Pizza

Leading pizza innovator, Pizza Hut, recently launched their latest and most exciting creation yet – the Viva Lasagna Pizza. Pizza Hut elevated the experience by bringing the flavors of lasagna on to a pizza.

Dubbed as the world’s #1 pizza chain, this new pizza confection comes with a special blend of lasagna meat sauce, fresh bell peppers and real mozzarella cheese, finished-off with lasagna strips and dollops of cream cheese, all in a bed of Pizza Hut’s thin viva crust.

Different strokes for different folks as they say as some like their pizza hand-held while some like to eat theirs with a spoon and fork. But for the Viva Lasagna Pizza, the great debate among patrons lies on figuring out the best way to eat it.

The Traditionalist

Just grab a slice and eat it as is. As Pizza Hut’s campaign goes, the Viva Lasagna Pizza is best enjoyed using your hands, hence the hashtag #ForYourHandsOnly.

The Spreader

The most popular way (by far) is to carefully spread the inviting cream cheese before taking a bite. This way, the cream cheese combines with the texture and taste of the lasagna strips and meat sauce.

Each slice of the Viva Lasagna Pizza has a dollop of cream cheese, prominently standing out when the pizza is served. Spreading it adds a layer of thrill and anticipation before taking the first bite as it slowly melts and covers each slice.

The Cheese Fan

It’s so easy to spot cheese lovers out there. Just like how some people like to eat their desserts first, some like to eat the cream cheese atop the Viva Lasagna Pizza first, before devouring the rest of the pizza slice.

The Cheese Hoarder

Interestingly, some people love the cream cheese so much that they set all of it aside in a bowl and eat it on its own! And yes, some even fight over the cream cheese, so it’s a good thing you may order extra! More cheese, more fun!

There’s really no right or wrong way to enjoy this limited flavor offering from Pizza Hut. Whether you spread or set aside the cheese, what’s important is that you enjoy the Viva Lasagna Pizza the way you like it.

Visit the nearest Pizza Hut near you and grab a large-sized pizza for only P569. To order, visit or call 8911-11-11.