Get The Summer of Your Dreams At Home with These CHANDON Délice Seasonal Recipes

PHILIPPINES — Summer for Filipinos signals the time we get to relax and take a break just the way we like it, whether that means going on a vacation or staying zen at home. 

Even if a lot of us are just spending time indoors this summer, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! CHANDON, the exceptional sparkling wine brand, wants to help you make everyday moments memorable, so you can serve yourself up an exceptional summer at home. 

Its newest sparkling wine, CHANDON Délice, is a semi-sweet wine, perfectly suited for the Filipino palate. Enjoyed in a tumbler with exactly two ice cubes and a twist of flavor, a garnish of your choice. Ice on wine is not something we are used to but Chandon Delice was made to be enjoyed on ice – which makes it great for hot summer days. 

Exceptional Summer with Chandon Delice, Image courtesy of CHANDON

The Délice Perfect Serve can come in a multitude of variations – that’s all thanks to the garnish that you choose. With all the ways you can take your Délice Perfect Serve, you might be wondering what the right one is for you.

Here are a few suggestions, based on how you like to enjoy your summer:

The beach bum

For you, summer means every opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy the beaches the Philippines is so famous for. You spend most of your year planning all the island tours you’ll be taking during the season, because nothing spells perfect quite like the salty breeze in your hair, and the sand in your feet. To give you that cooling feeling with a zesty kick, take your Délice Perfect Serve with a slice of cucumber and an orange peel.

The outdoor lover

You’re the type to look for a new adventure and to seek respite in nature. Your bucket list is full of mountains you have yet to conquer and roughing it in a campsite is in your DNA. Take your Délice Perfect Serve with a mix of rosemary leaves and wild berries, to bring the essence of the outdoors into your drink. 

The summer night owl

Mornings aren’t exactly your best friend, and summer is the time for you to take full advantage of that. Sunset means it’s right about time for your energy level to rise, and circumstances otherwise, you would have been seen out possibly until dawn. To match your spicy and zesty personality, add a slice of ginger to your Délice Perfect Serve!

Exceptional Summer with Chandon Delice, Image courtesy of CHANDON

The never-changing drinker

Perhaps time is nothing but a concept for you, as summer doesn’t necessarily signal any change. The things you love to do and the moods you adopt aren’t necessarily bound to a certain season – they’re timeless, just the way you like them. If classic is up your alley, then the best garnish for your Délice Perfect Serve is just a basil leaf. 

The hobby collector

The sunny season brings along the time for you to try out new hobbies and discover new interests. Whether it’s painting, pottery, fencing, rock climbing or glassblowing, you’ve tried it all – and you’re about to add more to this list of activities. Nothing excites you more than the unknown and the same goes for your drink. Aside from the classic garnishes mentioned above, experiment with your twist of flavor! Try your Délice Perfect Serve with a slice of mango, a spice like peppercorn or turmeric, or even mixing and matching them – the possibilities are endless!

However you enjoy your summer and however you take your Délice Perfect Serve, it’s sure to be the most refreshing way to enjoy an exceptional season.

Exceptional Summer with Chandon Delice, Image courtesy of CHANDON

CHANDON Délice is now available on,,, and your favorite restaurants in Metro Manila. To know more about CHANDON and its exciting plans, please follow @CHANDON_ph on Instagram and CHANDON Philippines on Facebook.