It’s a Fan-tastic Celebration with this Official Tasty Collaboration between Goldilocks and BT21

MANILA, Philippines—Filipino favorite, Goldilocks, was recently announced as the official licensor for BT21 cakes in the Philippines, which they launched together with their made-to-order BT21 Character Head Fondant Cakes.

Image courtesy of Goldilocks

And now, they just dropped the latest update that the ready-to-buy version called the BT21 Greeting Cake is available in stores, and they sell it for only Php 390.

This means you can celebrate BT21 with friends and families anytime you want to – special occasion or not. Apart from the relatively low price point, the best part is that you can get these deliciously cute BT21 Greeting Cakes on the same day!

Images courtesy of Goldilocks

The BT21 Fondant Cakes are available for pre-order with approximately 3 days waiting time at

The BT21 Greeting Cakes are available at selected Goldilocks stores, or you can order via the Goldilocks Delivery Website at, or via Grab and Foodpanda.