With the Return of the Tastiest Catch Fish & Fries, McDonald’s Re-Captures Seafood Lovers

MANILA, Philippines—Getting greeted by a wave of cravings is something that affects each and every one of us. Once the urge strikes, there is no stopping us until we get a whiff and a bite of whatever it is we want to get a catch of.

And this February, McDonald’s is certain to provide its best catch yet—one that will hook everyone—since its adored Fish & Fries will be finding a comeback to its shops for a limited time only! Fish & Fries now come with your choice of Tartar Sauce or Thousand Island Sauce to dip into in addition to the traditional seafood pairing.

Ready to experience McDonald’s tastiest catch once again? It’s impossible not to get hooked as McDonald’s serves up seafood cravings everywhere with their ever-tasty original McDonald’s fish fillet, coated to perfection in its classic crunchy, golden batter, ensuring your satisfaction in every bite.

Image courtesy of McDonald’s

Accompanying the fish fillet to complete the meal is McDonald’s fan favorite World Famous Fries—so good you’ll keep reaching out for more!

To enjoy the returning meal to the fullest, McDonald’s Fish & Fries comes in four variations to get the most out of this seafood experience. Looking for a quick bite to get hooked into? Grab their Fish & Fries meal, coming in either 1-pc or 2-pc, as well as a drink. 

Get the 1- or 2-piece Fish & Rice Meal Dinner, which includes a refreshing beverage, if you’re searching for something heavier and fuller.

Whether you’re a big seafood snacker, practicing Lent, or simply missing this offer, enjoy and get hooked to McDonald’s Fish & Fries—now available for a short while! Order yours now at your nearest McDonald’s branch via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and McDelivery.

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