QC’s Newest Food Hotspots: Tim Ho Wan, Hawker Chan, and Pound

MANILA, Philippines—FooDee Global Concepts has introduced several cherished dining destinations at the recently launched Gateway Mall 2. As we embrace the return of in-person dining, this milestone marks the opening of Tim Ho Wan’s 9th store, Hawker Chan’s 14th establishment, Pound’s 11th location, and Llaollao’s impressive 36th store to date.

Tim Ho Wan’s 9th Store Celebration

Image Courtesy of FooDee Global Concept.

During a recent visit by Chef Mak Kwai Pui, he elevated the flavors of beloved classics, including the iconic barbecue pork buns. Additionally, the brand team has decided to make some of the chef’s specials from the previous menu a permanent fixture, such as the Tofu Pork Floss. To celebrate this occasion, they will be running an exclusive in-store promotion from September 25 to 27. For just an initial purchase of 100 pesos, customers can indulge in the world-famous BBQ Pork Bun for a mere Php 9. Please note that only one purchase is allowed per person.

Experience Hawker Chan’s Delicacies

Image Courtesy of FooDee Global Concept.

Hawker Chan’s Soy Sauce Chicken has reached new heights of deliciousness, becoming even tastier and more tender. The secret lies in using freshly slaughtered chicken—never frozen—and slow-poaching it in the master broth from Singapore, resulting in an explosion of umami goodness! Don’t miss out on the underrated but utterly delightful Peanut Buchi either. In addition, Hawker Chan has introduced Merienda Bowls and Platefulls, perfect for those seeking budget-friendly combo meals. Please note that Merienda Bowls are available only on weekdays, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition, customers can now experience the new Hawker Chan Casual Dining set-up as well.

Pound’s 11th Branch Celebration

Image Courtesy of FooDee Global Concept.

To celebrate the opening of their 11th branch, the Pound Team offered an exciting sneak peek into their Spicy Wings Challenge, a collaboration with the Philippine Hot Sauce Club. As an extra treat for the store’s opening, they’re letting customers choose their own price for their second burger from September 26 to 28. Don’t miss out on these exclusive dining experiences at their Gateway 2 branch.

Llaollao Marks Its Impressive 36th Establishment

Image Courtesy of FooDee Global Concept.

As the FooDee Tour came to an end, everyone was treated to delectable Llaollao Yogurts. Guests were also encouraged to create their own customized mixes and savor them to their heart’s content. These significant milestones for FooDee Global Concepts hint at even more exciting developments before the year’s end! Celebrity guests like Joj and Jai Agpangan indulged in their own sanums as well.

With the holiday season on the horizon, FooDee Global Concept is committed to delivering delightful culinary experiences to its Filipino patrons. Stay tuned for mouthwatering updates from FooDee Global Concepts, a leading and expansive multi-brand lifestyle F&B group in the Philippines, housing beloved restaurants that are sure to delight your taste buds.