Krispy Kreme’s 86th Sweet Birthday Bash Extends with Tempting M&M’s Collection

MANILA, Philippines—Since 1937, Krispy Kreme has been spreading joy with its iconic Original Glazed® doughnuts. Now, 86 years later, the mere sight of a Krispy Kreme box still brings that same rush of happiness. On its 86th birthday, Krispy Kreme continues the tradition of crafting smiles, this time in collaboration with another cherished childhood favorite.

This July 2023, dive into pockets of delight brimming with abundant flavors from Krispy Kreme’s M&M’s collection. What better way to inaugurate this collection than with a timeless Chocolate Iced doughnut crowned with M&M’s? Picture an unglazed ring doughnut, its surface dipped in rich dark chocolate and generously adorned with M&M’s milk chocolate.

Images Courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

Unwrap a gift of everlasting joy with the Chocolate Candy Surprise, harboring a secret trove of M&M’s. This shell doughnut conceals M&M’s milk chocolate within, embraced by a layer of red chocolate coating and adorned with a triumphant “M” candy topper. Completing the ensemble is the White Chocolate Cake topped with M&M’s – an unglazed vanilla cake dipped in velvety white chocolate, elegantly drizzled with red and dark chocolate, and crowned with rainbow nonpareils and M&M’s milk chocolate.

Krispy Kreme has also introduced the Mini Chocolate Iced topped with M&M’s – a petite, unglazed mini ring doughnut lavished with dark chocolate and embellished with M&M’s milk chocolate. 

Indulge in these delectable chocolatey OG® delights, available at all Krispy Kreme stores nationwide until August 31, 2023, starting at just P70.

“We’re celebrating not only Krispy Kreme’s birthday but also our beloved OGs’ special day. That’s why, in collaboration with Krispy Kreme markets globally, we present the M&M’s collection. Our aim is to bring smiles to our guests’ faces with these specially crafted treats,” said Ysabel Cruz, Krispy Kreme’s Marketing Manager.

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