Get into the Holiday Spirit with Krispy Kreme’s Santa’s Workshop Treats

MANILA, Philippines—Embrace the enchanting spirit of the holiday season at Krispy Kreme, where the much-anticipated festivities come alive with the arrival of their exclusive Santa’s Workshop Holiday Doughnuts. In a country renowned for hosting the world’s longest Christmas celebration, Krispy Kreme unveils a delightful collection of festive doughnuts that add a touch of whimsy to the joyous occasion.

The star attraction, embodying the spirit of the season, is the Santa doughnut—a delectable creation filled with custard kreme, coated in white chocolate, and adorned with a festive array of red sprinkles, kreme, red chocolate, and an eye-catching candy topper. The iconic Santa Belly doughnut follows suit, featuring a luscious custard kreme filling, dipped in rich red chocolate, and embellished with marshmallows, dark and white chocolate, and a charming belt candy topper.

Image Courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

Joining the festivities is Jolly the Elf, a whimsical doughnut filled with kreme, dipped in velvety white chocolate, and playfully decorated with green sprinkles, mallows, red and dark chocolate, kreme, and a sprinkle of cherry disco dust. The dependable Rudolph the Reindeer, presented as a ring doughnut dipped in decadent dark chocolate, takes center stage with pretzels, a red chocolate coating, and an endearing eye candy topper.

Image Courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

No holiday celebration is complete without the enchanting Holiday Tree doughnut—a delectable treat filled with custard kreme and Kitkat chocolate, dipped in festive green chocolate, and adorned with holiday sprinkles, white chocolate, and a sparkling star candy topper.

To round off the festive offerings, Krispy Kreme introduces its perennial favorite, the Holiday Sprinkles—a classic ring doughnut dipped in velvety white chocolate and generously topped with a festive blend of holiday sprinkles.

Image Courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

Indulge in Krispy Kreme’s delightful holiday doughnuts and warm up with Santa’s Hot Cocoa. Crafted with Ghirardelli dark chocolate and cocoa, the frozen hot cocoa is topped with whipped kreme, marshmallows, and cocoa powder—a perfect treat for the December chill.

Ysabel Cruz, Senior Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme, shares, “We hope our new treats bring a smile this holiday season. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone has a treat from Krispy Kreme!”

Visit Krispy Kreme nationwide for Santa’s Workshop Doughnuts (starting at Php 70) and Santa’s Hot Cocoa (starting at Php 199).

Order online at or through GrabFood, foodpanda, Pick.A.Roo, and Groover.