Celebrate National Cocktail Day by Sipping on These Refreshing Mixes

MANILA, Philippines—Sun is out and it’s the perfect season to get the most out of your revenge travels and hangouts with friends and family. On top of that, March also happens to be National Cocktail Month, which gives us yet another reason to take a break from the hustle and bustle  with some refreshing cocktails. 

Whether on a sandy beach or in the comfort of your home, you can celebrate this day on your own! Remy Martin Philippines’ Brand Ambassador and top-notch bartender Kate Osmillo, along with top mixologists—Larry Lloyd Andrada of OTO, Ralph Allen Santos of The Spirit Library, Sciemon Maquirang of The Curator Coffee & Cocktails, and Kevin Jerrold Corales of Southbank Cafe + Lounge—presents fresh and unique mixes made with crisp and rich spirits and, most importantly, beginner-friendly. 

Image courtesy of Remy Martin Philippines

Chai Tai 

Image courtesy of Remy Martin Philippines

Surprise your friends and family with this unique and exquisite cocktail that looks luxurious but is very easy to make. This rich cocktail is made by adding 45ml Mount Gay Black Barrel, 15ml chai tea syrup, 15ml lemon, 15ml Giffard Vanilla Liqueur, 2 dashes of cacao bitters, and 3 drops of 30% saline and then shaken. Top up with cinnamon powder and serve in a rocks glass, truly a perfectly balanced cocktail. 

Peaty Alps

Image courtesy of Remy Martin Philippines

For a more deep-flavored cocktail, The Peaty Alps made with Port Charlotte Heavily Peated is sure to surprise the palette. Created by combining 45 ml of Port Charlotte Heavily Peated, 30 ml Rosso Vermouth, 30ml Alpino Amaro (Braulio), and 3 dashes of Angostura bitters. This mix gives off a deep and fragrant healing potion vibe and hints of bitterness to the taster. Elevate it by garnishing it with a torched cinnamon stick.

Side Kick 

Image courtesy of Remy Martin Philippines

This sweet and oaky mix made with Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal topped with Camomile Tea Foam is a sure fit for even the pickiest of drinkers. Made especially for the younger generation, the 1738 Accord will surely excite anyone at the party. The Side Kick is crafted by mixing 45 ml of Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, 20 ml Cointreau, 30ml sweetened mango juice, 15ml lemon, and topped with Chamomile Tea foam and then shaken. This is best served in Nick and Nora glassware.

Paddy Field

Image courtesy of Remy Martin Philippines

A cocktail for the sweet tooth infused with rich malt, a hint of chocolate, and nuttiness, the Paddy Field would be great for this flavor profile. The Paddy Field is created by mixing 45 ml of Bruichladdie, 15 ml of Amontillado Sherry, 5 ml of rice syrup, and 2 dashes of chocolate bitters. This is then garnished with wheat trigo and served in a rocks glass. 

Exodus Express 

Image courtesy of Remy Martin Philippines

For a luxurious experience, the Exodus Express is, no doubt, an excellent choice to serve friends and family as the main attraction at the dining table. Exodus Express is made with 45ml St. Remy XO, 15ml cold brew concentrate, and 7.5ml passion fruit liqueur, and then stirred. This cocktail is finished with a top-up of soda water and a garnish or orange peel then transferred in a highball glass for serving.

Without a doubt, the Exodus Express is a great option for a luxurious experience when friends and family are the main attraction at the dining table. 45 ml of St. Remy XO, 15 ml of cold brew concentrate, and 7.5ml of passion fruit liqueur are stirred to create Exodus Express. Before being served in a highball glass, this cocktail is finished with a dash of soda water and an orange peel garnish.

To find out more about Rémy-Cointreau and its products, go to https://www.remy-cointreau.com/en/brands/. These products are also available at singlemalt.ph and boozy.ph.

These cocktails were prepared by OTO’s Larry Lloyd Andrada, The Spirit Library’s Ralph Allen Santos, The Curator Coffee and Cocktails’ Sciemon Maquirang, Southbank Cafe + Lounge’s Kevin Jerrold Corales, curated by Kate Osmillo, Brand Ambassador Remy Cointreau Brands.