Lacoste Unveils the ‘Loop’ Polo–A Recycled Version of its Bestselling Design

MANILA, Philippines — 30%. This is the percentage of recycled cotton fibers in the composition of the Lacoste “Loop” polo. Extracted from Lacoste polos that never made it to the shop floor due to small imperfections in appearance, these recycled fibers are spun together with 70% virgin cotton, guaranteeing the impeccable drape for which Lacoste polos are known. Instead of destroying its surplus stock, Lacoste reintegrates it into its production cycle in a circular manner.

Photo courtesy of Lacoste

Each Lacoste ‘Loop’ Polo is Unique

Lacoste polos are designed to live several lives. This also applies to Lacoste “Loop” polos, making them unique. In heather gray or midnight blue, one can glimpse slight variations in color in the random weave of their virgin and recycled cotton fibers. Each one tells its own story. With its legendary “petit piqué” texture, two-button neckline and short sleeves, the croc’s sporty chic spirit is celebrated and reinvented in a more sustainable model. In (recycled) polyester, the croc camouflages itself in a tone-on-tone effect on the chest, while the buttons stand out in a composite material.

Reinventing Production with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation

Consuming less water but remaining faithful to crocodile’s avant-garde mindset, the Lacoste “Loop” polo opens a new era for the French brand, which joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Make Fashion Circular” program on December 2020. Since 2009, this non-profit association founded by the British sailor has introduced circularity into the worldwide economic agenda by helping fashion brands become greener. With a growing focus on its impact on the planet and those who live in it. 

Photo courtesy of Lacoste

The Lacoste “Loop” Polo is now available on