H&M Unveils Latest Partnership with Unique Salonga for the Music x Me Campaign

MANILA, Philippines—This year, global fashion brand H&M launched a new campaign that celebrates the intimate relationship of fashion and music. After setting things in motion with the P-Pop boy band BGYO, the retail giant continues to make headlines and excite its customers after announcing Unique Salonga as their latest featured artist in the campaign.

Music x Me aims to serve as a platform featuring and celebrating the creativity and uniqueness of Filipino musicians. The campaign marries the passion its artists have for their music with their stylish lookbooks, translating their unique personas into beautiful and creative pieces in a collection.

Image courtesy of H&M

With Unique Salonga, H&M celebrates the former IV of Spades’ member’s one-of-a-kind style and connection to music. With his music and online persona, one will quickly discover Salonga’s charm is from how he swims against the current when it comes to his creative expressions. With his recent albums “Grandma” and “Pangalan”, he took a gamble with his creative direction by pursuing an unconventional approach with his songwriting, going against the trends and what is known to work. As you can see today, this leap of faith paid off, with Salonga now at the forefront of the local music scene and a name ubiquitous with OPM.

“I’m proud and excited to be part of a campaign that celebrates local Filipino artists to showcase their passion for music and style,” the musician shares on Instagram.

Salonga remains bold and unapologetic in expressing his ‘uniqueness’ not only seen in his music but also in his recent jab in the visual arts and his fashion and style choices as well.

As the latest featured artist in “Music x Me”, Salonga’s collection features vintage, earthy elements with pieces that highlight his taste and personality. In his latest photos and clips with the style favorite, he’s shot in a vintage frame with aesthetic gorpcore edits as the keys of his wardrobe. These pieces, paired with other edgy cuts in earthy colors from the fashion brand’s Edition by Keith Haring collection, sum up Unique’s taste and help capture him in his element.

Images courtesy of H&M

Be it with music or fashion, Salonga continues to push boundaries while staying true to himself. That is why his formula for success is truly his, perfectly real, inspiring, and, well, unique.