ASICS Makes Paris Fashion Week Debut with these Groundbreaking Fashion Collaborations

PARIS FASHION WEEKASICS wowed the crowd at the Dover Street Market as Paris Fashion Week went in full swing, with the debut of ASICS SportStyle GT-2160™.

The premium concept sneaker was created in partnership with top fashion brands. The two-floor, collaborative Pop-Up event showcased the different variations of GT-2160™, as interpreted by the likes of Cecilie Bahnsen, DIME, Hal Studios® and AIREI.

Images courtesy of ASICS

The GT-2160™ is the brand’s pinnacle of ASICS SportStyle running technology, and these collaborations were set out to showcase their evolution since the 2010s. The iconic design language now sports an updated silhouette and three new colorways.

Cecilie Bahnsen

Images courtesy of ASICS

The popular Danish womenswear designer gave her timeless celebration of modern femininity a sleeker, more modern twist with the ASICS Sportstyle GT-2160™. The sneaker comes in two contrasting colorways and a semi-translucent mesh upper– both capturing the embodiment of noir, sci-fi, and playful self-expression.

The semi-futuristic design exudes a “Tokyo after dark” mood, as inspired by the work of renowned Japanese photographer, Takashi Homma. The sneaker was presented in a gallery format, with the walls adorned with framed large-scale prints that reflect the heart and soul put into this collaboration, as well as the Tokyo in twilight imagery.

The ASICS SportStyle GT-2160™ x Cecilie Bahnsen will be priced at PHP 14,290 and be made available locally some time in November.


Images courtesy of ASICS

Creative and fun visual storytelling have since been the name of the game for Dime. The Montreal-native fashion brand is well-known for their humorous, graphic-driven skateboarding fashion. This collaboration, showcased a more rugged and playful, yet classy and chic interpretation.

The modernized 2000s silhouette became the centerpiece for their ASICS GT 2160™ design, with gradient elements such as a mesh upper and midsole, bringing together both current and classic aesthetics.

Dime’s immersive pop-up theme paid homage to their humble, gritty beginnings in skate culture with wavy, tactile aesthetics that mirrored their famous design language.


Images courtesy of ASICS

The creative house of HAL STUDIOS® unveiled its meticulous sampling of various subcultures in their design concepts. This third collaboration with ASICS embodies the brand’s core elements as it strikes a balance between fashion and function.

The GEL -1130™ MK III “Glacier” reflects the rugged textures of the world’s topography, simulating the frozen terrain of actual glaciers. The contrasting black and white simulate the tones of black sand beaches and snowy valleys which served as inspiration for the MK III’s design language.

Following through with their glacial theme, the HAL STUDIOS® installation showcased the collaborative sneakers encased in blocks of ice, housed in industrial freezers. This “cool” theme draws inspiration from the principles of readymade art, and appreciating it from a distance.

The ASICS SportStyle GEL-1130™ x HAL STUDIOS® will be priced at Php 9,990 and be made available locally this August.


Images courtesy of ASICS

The Los Angeles-based concept brand kept things fresh in their partnership with ASICS. Known for their artisanal touch and attention to detail, they’re bringing a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition GT-2160™ through the collaborative Crafts for Mind program.

AIREI’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection theme, “Refuge, Deluge, Transfuge,” saw the debut of this new GT-2160™ in a harmonic fusion between avant-garde and athletic excellence. The sneaker’s theme embodied the hero’s journey, pushing one to set out on their own adventure.

This ASICS x AIREI concept will be through theCrafts for Mind project. The proceeds will be dedicated to the Right to Play organization.

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