Sophistication Meets LifeWear: UNIQLO’s Partnership with Clare Waight Keller Takes Center Stage

MANILA, Philippines—Global fashion leader UNIQLO proudly introduces an exciting evolution in its womenswear domain through the much-anticipated debut of UNIQLO : C. Crafted by esteemed British designer Clare Waight Keller, this innovative women’s collection marries fluid designs, subtle palettes, and contemporary silhouettes to reinterpret UNIQLO’s iconic LifeWear concept.

The moniker UNIQLO : C thoughtfully encapsulates the collection’s diverse inspirations, drawn from the letter “C”: Curiosity, Conversation, City, Clarity, Connection, and Creativity, as well as a nod to Keller’s own name.

Clare Waight Keller

Image Courtesy of UNIQLO.

This fusion imbues the collection with a sense of purpose and personal significance. Leveraging advanced techniques and Clare Waight Keller’s design expertise, the UNIQLO : C range champions comfort and utility, perfectly aligned with the dynamic pace of modern life. Each artfully crafted piece offers a bespoke sensation, effortlessly blending the satisfaction of refined ready-to-wear with the reassuring comfort of familiarity.

Yukihiro Katsuta, Senior Executive Officer of the Fast Retailing Group and Head of Research and Development for UNIQLO, expresses enthusiasm, sharing, “UNIQLO : C heralds an exhilarating chapter in UNIQLO’s women’s wear design. Clare’s extensive experience and innate grasp of the modern woman’s essence will undoubtedly set a new standard for LifeWear tailored to women. We eagerly anticipate a prolonged collaboration with Clare, creating collections that brim with vitality and sensibility, delighting wearers.”

Image Courtesy of UNIQLO.

Keller herself conveys her honor, stating, “The opportunity to craft a novel label for UNIQLO is deeply gratifying. UNIQLO’s LifeWear design philosophy, marked by technical innovation and functional authenticity, has long captured my admiration. The finesse of the Japanese aesthetic—subtlety, simplicity, meticulous detailing—resonates with me. Collaborating with the UNIQLO team to infuse this new sensibility into my global-scale womenswear collection is a thrilling endeavor.”

With UNIQLO : C, the fusion of Clare Waight Keller’s artistic brilliance and UNIQLO’s legacy of style innovation promises an exciting revolution in womenswear.

The collection

Image Courtesy of UNIQLO.

The classic trench coat undergoes a redefinition, emerging in a versatile four-season gabardine twill. PUFFTECH introduces blousons and coats that offer both warmth and lightweight comfort, while anti-static technology enhances the specially treated light down. Satin exudes a soft luster, meticulously heat-pressed to craft the exquisite knife pleats of a maxi skirt.

Trousers exude a casual demeanor, while fluid skirts and dresses boast delicate micro-floral and paisley prints, facilitating mix-and-match possibilities with a collection of relaxed sweaters and shrunken cardigans. UNIQLO’s iconic round shoulder bag takes on a chic, oversized form, accommodating personal items with panache. A diverse assortment of appealing shoes is also available, providing the finishing touch to a captivating ensemble.