Manila’s Timeless Style in Plains & Prints’ Mark Nicdao Collection

MANILA, Philippines—The vibrant city of Manila, with its blend of history, heritage, and culture, has been a constant source of inspiration for many creative minds. From the arts to fashion, from storytelling to visual aesthetics, the essence of Manila resonates through various forms of expression.

Plains & Prints Founder Roxanne Farillas recognizes the significance of Manila’s rich heritage and culture. She emphasizes the importance of showcasing the beauty of the nation’s capital, stating, “There’s so much history, heritage, and culture that you could actually show and remind people how important Manila is.”

(L – R) Jorell Legaspi, Deputy Director-General for Museums of the National Museum of the Philippines; Director Charlie Dungo (DTCAM HEAD); Manila Mayor Maria Sheilah “Honey”
Lacuna-Pangan; Roxanne and Erickson Farillas, Founders of Plains & Prints; Anne Curtis; DOT
Sec. Christina Garcia Frasco; Glenda Agdigos, NCCA Supervising Project Officer; Cecille
Lorenzana-Romero, NPDC Executive Director; Atty. Joan M. Padilla, Intramuros Administrator
of the Intramuros Administration; Atty. Ma. Rosenne Flores-Avila, Deputy Director-General for
Administration of the National Museum of the Philippines

Image Courtesy of Plains & Prints.

In collaboration with Manila’s local government agencies and renowned photographer Mark Nicdao, Plains & Prints embarks on a journey to celebrate the city’s culture and heritage through fashion. This initiative aligns with the brand’s commitment to promoting Philippine culture.

Roxanne Farillas explains, “More than just making a collection, we want to make a difference.” Plains & Prints is proud to create a collection that embodies Filipino craftsmanship and sensibilities.

Image Courtesy of Plains & Prints.

The idea for this collection arose from a conversation Roxanne had with a foreign couple visiting the Philippines. She realized that many tourists tend to skip exploring Manila, heading straight for the islands upon arrival. This collaboration aims to change that narrative and encourage travelers, including balikbayans and tourists from other cultures, to explore the heart of Manila.

(L – R) Manila Mayor Maria Sheilah “Honey” Lacuna-Pangan; Roxanne Farillas, Founder of
Plains & Prints; Anne Curtis; DOT Sec. Christina Garcia Frasco

Image Courtesy of Plains & Prints.

Plains & Prints enlisted the creative vision of acclaimed photographer Mark Nicdao to capture the essence of Manila. The collaboration marks a significant departure, as it showcases the city where we live, highlighting the vibrant history and hidden gems that make Manila an exciting destination.

Mark Nicdao shares his excitement about this unique collaboration, stating, “This collaboration is a big difference because it was shot where we live. A big part of what makes the Philippines great is Manila. It’s exciting; it has so much history.”

During the project, Mark Nicdao explored iconic locations such as Paco Park, Rizal Park, Metropolitan Theater, Clock Tower, Intramuros, and the National Museum. Despite facing unpredictable weather, the team persevered, capturing the city’s charm, especially during a stunning sunset.

Images Courtesy of Plains & Prints.

Mark Nicdao reflects on the experience, saying, “My favorite experience shooting the whole thing is really walking around, exploring those places up close, trying to find something distinct to that location. Walking around Manila and really seeing the sites and imagining them on the clothes was pretty amazing and unforgettable.”

Roxanne Farillas emphasizes that this collection aims to redefine perceptions of Manila, especially among the younger generation. Collaborating with NPDC, NCCA, DTCAM, IA, and the National Museum, Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan is making history with the city’s first-ever fashion brand collaboration. It’s a shared mission to promote Manila’s rich history and culture.

Images Courtesy of Plains & Prints.

This collaboration is fundamentally philanthropic and focused on preserving historical sites. Jezreel Gaius A. Apelar, Deputy Executive Director of Paco and Rizal Park, believes in the power of meaningful fashion to connect heritage and culture with conscious consumers.

The Metropolitan Theater (MET) echoes this sentiment, and MET Visitor Services Officer Christian John Serrano hopes that wearing MET-inspired fashion will instill pride in Filipino creativity and artistry.

Anne Curtis, closely connected to Manila, finds the collection special as it focuses specifically on the city. She takes pride in wearing iconic Manila landmarks, considering them essential pieces for anyone’s wardrobe.

Plains & Prints’ collection is a love letter to Manila, showcasing its unparalleled beauty. Roxanne Farillas wants people to recognize the richness of Filipino culture and beauty through this collection.