HEATTECH’s 20th Anniversary: Introducing Ultra-Light Material

MANILA, Philippines—Jointly developed by UNIQLO and Toray Industries and launched in 2003, HEATTECH represents UNIQLO’s innovative thermal clothing technology that harnesses body vapor to generate warmth. With cumulative unit sales of approximately 1.5 billion items worldwide as of last year, HEATTECH aligns with UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy of providing simple, high-quality everyday clothing to enhance lives.

This season, the HEATTECH lineup has been enhanced to elevate everyday comfort, featuring newly developed materials and an extended range of designs and colors. In addition to its renowned innerwear, UNIQLO offers a diverse selection of apparel and products incorporating HEATTECH technology. With its ability to keep you warm and cozy in cold weather, HEATTECH remains a global fashion staple for chilly climates.

Images Courtesy of UNIQLO.

Introducing the HEATTECH Ultra Light Turtleneck Top for Women, crafted from the thinnest HEATTECH material to date. Utilizing ultra-fine fibers, this item is approximately 20% lighter than traditional HEATTECH innerwear. By strategically knitting the thin yarn to create air pockets, it ensures optimal heat retention. While providing the same level of warmth as standard HEATTECH pieces, this material offers a smooth, subtly sheer feel. With a wide array of color choices, these new items are versatile for both innerwear and layering, making them ideal for cold-weather styling.

Introducing the 2023 line-up collection

Images Courtesy of UNIQLO.

Enhancements for Women’s HEATTECH

The standard HEATTECH innerwear now features printed care labels for added comfort. This year, the collection includes an expanded range of skin tone colors, making it even more versatile as a base layer. The beloved HEATTECH Extra Warm Seamless Ribbed lineup introduced last year now boasts improved knitting specifications, reducing the likelihood of pilling while maintaining its plush texture. Additionally, the material used has been upgraded to incorporate recycled nylon for sustainability.

Upgrades for Men’s HEATTECH

The HEATTECH innerwear for men now incorporates recycled polyester as its primary material, contributing to sustainability. This update extends to the HEATTECH Cotton Crew Neck L/S T-shirt (Extra Warm) series, which now boasts an expanded array of colors, providing more styling choices. Moreover, the HEATTECH Ultra Warm range features a new material crafted through a special knitting technique that maximizes air retention. This innovation results in a soft, lightweight feel while maintaining the exceptional warmth associated with the Ultra Warm line.

Princesse tam.tam debuts its first-holiday collection with HEATTECH

Image Courtesy of UNIQLO.

The French-born brand “Princesse tam.tam” is now part of the HEATTECH lineup with an exciting holiday collection. Known for its original prints and vibrant colors, this new collection proudly showcases the brand’s signature aesthetics. The latest additions include the Seamless Ribbed Turtleneck T (PHP 990) and Socks (PHP 290). These new items are set to make their debut in November.

The preferred choice of fashion experts

During Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 2023-24, UNIQLO surveyed fashion experts worldwide, revealing a 25.5% increase in HEATTECH usage. Respondents praised HEATTECH for its warmth without bulkiness, choosing it to stay stylishly warm during the cold season.

Among respondents who have worn HEATTECH, 70.6% adopted it within the past three years. Factors such as energy costs, price increases, and shifting temperatures were cited as reasons, reflecting the influence of last year’s energy crisis on HEATTECH purchasing patterns. Moreover, nearly half of the respondents mentioned wearing HEATTECH daily, highlighting its swift transition into a wardrobe essential over the past three years.

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