Bayo Group Dazzles Glorietta with Multi-Brand Store Grand Opening

MANILA, Philippines—Amid the ongoing shift toward digitalization, brands like the Bayo Group, encompassing beloved Filipino brands such as Bayo, Viseversa, and Tela, recognized the need to adapt quickly to meet market demands and convenience. The result of their nimbleness is the Bayo Group’s multi-brand concept store.

One prominent aspect of this communal initiative is the brands’ shared commitment to sustainable design. As environmental consciousness continues to grow, particularly among the younger generation, the importance of sustainability became even more evident during the pandemic. The Bayo Group, after achieving success with its e-commerce sites, took deliberate steps toward sustainability as it transitioned from the online realm to the physical world.

Image Courtesy of BAYO.

Image Courtesy of BAYO.

The Glorietta multi-brand concept store embodies a strong sustainability ethos. It reflects the brands’ dedication to responsible production and design philosophies, such as Bayo’s Journey to Zero initiative, Tela’s sustainable fabric solutions, and Viseversa’s commitment to simplicity and style. The flagship boutique showcases an ecosystem that ethically sources raw materials and repurposes discarded items. This not only raises awareness but also encourages Earth-friendly consumer practices, with products made from natural materials, locally produced in partnership with communities, and recycling textile cut-offs.

Yantie Rosli, Anna Lagon of the Bayo Group, Mme. Roswitha Brieger, Irene Wicklein, and Carol

Images Courtesy of BAYO.

Stepping into the 200 sqm space housing Bayo, Tela, and Viseversa is an immersive experience. The store prominently features marble, abaca, and other natural materials. Additionally, it serves as a testament to Bayo Group’s efforts to seamlessly blend in-person and online shopping experiences. Interactive fitting rooms and online-to-in-store pick-ups bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms.

Ella, Maricel, and Hannah Pangilinan

Image Courtesy of BAYO.

The store launch celebrated each brand’s unique story, offering opportunities for interaction, prizes, and pledges for sustainability. It also showcased the celebration of Filipino heritage and ingenuity, emphasizing Bayo’s cultural craftsmanship, Tela’s mission to redefine fashion’s impact, and Viseversa’s minimalist approach to modern women.

In essence, Bayo Group’s multi-brand store at Glorietta marks the beginning of a purpose-driven destination that seamlessly combines in-person and online shopping while championing sustainability.

Visit Bayo Group’s multi-brand store at the ground level of Glorietta, or shop online at and Stay updated by following @bayoclothing, @tela.mnl, and @viseversainc on Instagram.