TaskUs Is Set To Open Newest Site with A Special Concert By James Reid–10 To Win Meet&Greet Passes

BOHOL, PhilippinesJames Reid is set to melt the hearts of his Bol-anon fans through a virtual concert happening on Friday, February 26.

The concert, TaskUs Dibs: James Reid, officially marks the launch of TaskUs’ newest site in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The event aims to give teammates and fans alike a virtual experience like no other, similar to the unparalleled employee experience TaskUs is known for. 

The digital event will be streamed via TaskUs’s social media accounts starting 6PM. Reid is expected to perform his hit songs “I Know You Care,” “16B,” and “Fiend.” Ten lucky TaskUs teammates and applicants will be given the chance to meet and greet James virtually after the concert.

Reid has brought to social media his excitement to spend time with his Bol-anon fans in his latest tweet.

TaskUs, the leading tech-enabled business services company delivering Digital CX, AI Operations, and Content Security to the world’s most innovative companies, partnered with Reid for this virtual concert to celebrate the company’s ninth site in the country, among others globally.

The new TaskUs site expansion in Bohol indicates the island’s significant growth in technology, innovation, and human talent. 

Launching in February of 2021, the Bohol site will begin 100% work-from-home using Cirrus, TaskUs’s remote work model.

Teammates from Bohol will begin their journey at TaskUs from the safety and comfort of their homes as a new workplace will soon be established to support in-person work.

TaskUs has a reputation for offering unrivaled amenities and benefits to attract and retain outstanding front-line talent, and the upcoming site in Bohol will be no different. The site is poised to offer extraordinary recreation areas with vibrant color schemes, eye-catching architectural features, places for mindfulness and relaxation, collaborative spaces and fun zones stocked with gaming equipment and kiosks.

Photos courtesy of TaskUsPH

TaskUs is an industry leader when it comes to employee benefits. Among others, teammates have access to one-on-one meetings with in-house life coaches and 24/7 psychological and psychiatric services via teleconsultation—which are free. And the system for teleconsultations is being expanded to reach teammates globally.

Company leadership has also rolled out work-life balance commitments like meeting-free Fridays, no-chat weekends, and the requirement of a truly unplugged vacation.

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