World-Class Performers and Artists Took the Spotlight at the Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Pop-Up Bar Event

MANILA, Philippines—Continuing its tradition of celebrating excellence, the Ministry at Shangri-La The Fort hosted the second leg of French spirit house Rémy Martin’s 1738 Accord Royal Pop-Up Bar Event, which featured creative and local young artists as well as unique cocktail mixes by top mixologists in the country.

For over centuries, Rémy Martin’s mission has been to work together to instill passion, excellence, and savoir-faire by assembling ingredients, combining skills, associating qualities, and celebrating talents, thus, “Team Up for Excellence” became its core value.

The pop-up bar activities showcase local talents and top mixologists displaying their expertise and coming together for a fun-filled night of collaboration and making meaningful moments. 

Guest performers composed of world hip-hop dance champions and sought-after DJs hyped up the crowd with their creative performances. Philippine All-Stars dance group members showed individual colors through energetic dance rounds that raised the crowd’s energy. The mood was set for a good vibe with unique music sets played by DJ Alexandra, Butta B and Nix Damn P, setting the overall exciting vibe for the whole night. 

Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

Pop-up bar guests also got to enjoy one-of-a-kind classic and new mixes of the 1738 Accord Royal crafted by expert mixologists in the Philippines from OTO, Solaire, and Curator.

Featured mixes include Royal Collins, a citrus crisp blend with the iconic cognac; 1738 sidecar, the iconic mix giving off the feeling of a gentleman in Paris; Remy Tea or Me, 1738 Accord Royal mixed with soothing Jasmine tea; and French Negroni, the uniquely sweet and fruity mix, on the rocks. 

Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

“The 1738 Accord Royal celebrates the true depth of character and the sheer indulgence of sharing good moments. It’s particularly known for its oaky smoothness and distinct fruity flavor, perfect for various mixes.” said Rémy Cointreau Philippines Country Brand Lead Myke Soon, “The newest cognac has the mellow flavor of butterscotch with generous notes of plum and fig jam, notes of toffee and toasted bread, and an exceptionally creamy aftertaste and aromas.” he added.

“Events like this only last a few hours but memories and moments from tonight could last a lifetime,” said Rémy Cointreau Philippines Chief Representative Ed Guzman, “We have more pop-up events coming, and we’re excited to collaborate with many more local talents and showcase their unique excellence, so keep an eye out for us!” 

Image courtesy of Rémy Martin

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