Sugarfree’s ‘Sa Wakas’ Continues to Live on Through Ebe Dancel

MANILA, Philippines—An immersive experience resembling UP Fair and the intimacy of a crowded outdoor performance are used by Ebe Dancel, a Filipino alternative rock icon, to honor the enduring legacy of Sugarfree’s “Sa Wakas.

Image courtesy of Backspacer Records

SA WAKAS: 20th Anniversary Celebration marks another milestone for the multi-awarded singer-songwriter as he brings to life the classic anthems that define an entire generation. 

The highly anticipated show will take place at 123 Block, Mandala Park on January 28, 2022 (Saturday), from 4:30pm onwards, and feature a full-length, all-Sugafree set by Ebe Dancel, with special participation of Mitch Singson, as well as guest performances by Cheats, Johnoy Danao, The Itchyworms and more.

To make the celebration more special and personal, important personalities who were part of making Sa Wakas will also be gracing the event, either as performers or as special guests.

Not only will there be live music, but Mandala Park will also be turned into an amusement venue with carnival games and rides, arts and crafts booths, record and book stores, food stands, and other immersive activities. 

“At the core of Sa Wakas is nostalgia shaped by bittersweet memories and adolescent discoveries,” says Ian Urrutia, PR and Marketing Director of GNN Entertainment Productions. “We want to honor the impact of Sugarfree’s debut album by reliving the simple joys of going to college or university fairs with friends, family, and loved ones. Looking back doesn’t have to be getting stuck in the past. Sometimes, it’s okay to experience the old times with fondness and a different perspective as it gives new meaning to these memories. We’re finding means not to reimagine Sa Wakas, but to celebrate it: a record that feels like a tight embrace at the end of the dark days.”

Backspacer Records, one of the co-presenters of the show, also shared their excitement in mounting a celebration of this caliber. “It has always been our aim at Backspacer Records to help channel music from the past into the present through our vinyl record releases. In the past year, we have successfully produced and released Ebe Dancel’s Bawat Daan and Habangbuhay albums on vinyl. And now, for the first time, we get to bring you a live music experience with the Sa Wakas 20th Anniversary show. As Ebe Dancel’s fans since his Sugarfree days, this is such a treat for us: to mark this important milestone with a throwback celebration, complete with a fun and laid-back college fair vibe. This night will definitely be a nostalgia trip, full of reminiscing while singing along to songs that have become the soundtracks of our youth.”

Only at the venue will special merchandise be available, and Backspacer Records will sell notable local/international records in addition to select Ebe Dancel albums.

SA WAKAS: 20th Anniversary Celebration is presented by GNN Entertainment Productions and Backspacer Records, in partnership with 123 Block and Balcony Entertainment.

Tickets to SA WAKAS: 20th Anniversary Celebration are available for purchase starting January 3 (Tuesday) at 6pm via

Ticket prices are as follows:

Regular: ₱1,300.00

VIP with M&G and signed poster: ₱1,800.00

VIP with vinyl bundle and M&G (limited): available at Backspacer Records’ official website