Set Sail with Straw Hat Fans as Netflix Presents Ten One Piece Fan Festivals and Screenings

MANILA, Philippines—Netflix has unveiled an exciting array of ONE PIECE fan celebrations, geared towards uniting Straw Hat enthusiasts globally in anticipation of the series premiere on August 31.

The festivities are set to commence on August 24 in the US, and subsequently, the excitement will spread across various countries, including France, Indonesia, Japan, Italy, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico.

Image Courtesy of Netflix.

The voyage kicks off in Los Angeles at the iconic Santa Monica Pier, where fans can don their straw hats and immerse themselves in the world of ONE PIECE. For a comprehensive list of dates and further details, read below:

August 24 (Los Angeles, United States)

Join the Straw Hat Pirates: Pirates on the Pier – A ONE PIECE Fan Celebration. Location: Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, California, United States. Registration is through this link.

August 29 (Paris, France)

Straw Hats Unite: ONE PIECE Premiere in Paris. Stay tuned for more info on @netflixFR

August 30 (Jakarta, Indonesia & Tokyo, Japan)

Straw Hats Unite: All Aboard the Going Merry at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Indonesia. For more info and updates visit @NetflixID. On the other hand, ONE PIECE Special Screening goes to Tokyo, Japan. Visit @NetflixJP for more info.

August 30 (Metro Manila, Philippines)

Straw Hats Unite: Our Journey To The Grand Line will commence at Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines. Stay tuned for more info on @NetflixPH

August 31 (Germany & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Virtual Voyage: Straw Hats Unite – Virtual Watch Party goes to Germany. More information coming soon on @netflixde. A ONE PIECE Fan Celebration sailing to Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Beach, near Lifeguard station #2. Visit @netfixbrasil for more info.

August 31 (Bangkok, Thailand & Mexico City, Mexico)

Straw Hats Unite: รวมพลคนรักวันพีซ at Bangkok, Thailand where fans can register through @NetflixTH. On the other hand, ONE PIECE: Mexico Fan Fest will be held at Mexico City, Mexico. Stay tuned for more information on @NetflixLAT.