Historic Moment: Kimberley Chen Sets Milestone as the First Taiwanese Solo Female Artist at Big Mountain Music Festival

THAILAND—Taiwanese-Australian artist Kimberley Chen created a sensation in Thailand last month at the prestigious Big Mountain Music Festival, captivating an audience of nearly 10,000 and sharing the stage with renowned Thai acts such as Milli, Jeff Satur, Billkin, and The Toys, as well as South Korea’s Loco and Yugyeom.

On December 10, 2023, Kimberley Chen etched her name in history as the first Taiwanese female solo artist to grace the Big Mountain Music Festival, an annual extravaganza drawing fans from across Asia. As a distinctive inclusion in this Thai-centric event, Kimberley’s performance sets a groundbreaking precedent, paving the way for more Taiwanese female artists to potentially shine on the festival stage in the future.

Image Courtesy of Big Mountain Music Festival.

Taking the spotlight on the Block Stage, one of the festival’s largest platforms, Kimberley resonated with the audience through her international sound. Attendees enthusiastically vibed to her hit songs, predominantly performed in English, and erupted in cheers as she previewed snippets of her upcoming releases slated for 2024.

During her set, Kimberley demonstrated her dedication to impressing the festival-goers with a meticulously crafted performance featuring a full band and eight dancers. Adding to the excitement, Thai artist Matcha Mosimann joined her on stage for a collaborative performance, surprising and delighting the audience.

Image Courtesy of Big Mountain Music Festival.

After their joint performance at Taiwan’s KKBOX Music Awards, Kimberley and Matcha reunite in Thailand, delivering a powerful rendition of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ that celebrates women’s strength and independence. Kimberley expresses gratitude for the opportunity, calling it an honor and highlighting the audience’s incredible energy.

Having made waves in Singapore earlier this year, Kimberley, based in Taiwan, collaborates with her label Chynahouse to create a unique international sound in both English and Mandarin, resonating with a global audience. She looks forward to more collaborations and releases in 2024.