Embracing Safe Spaces: U.P. Town Center’s Rekindle Campaign Invites Townies Home

MANILA, Philippines—U.P. Town Center (UPTC) enhances lifestyle experiences by creating a welcoming environment for Townies, fostering self-care, and inspiring connections through their Rekindle campaign. Building on the success of their Homecoming initiative in 2022, this campaign encourages self-reflection and community engagement, aiming to rekindle the vibrant spirit of UPTC Townies.

Exploring U.P. Town Center’s Rekindle Campaign

Image Courtesy of U.P. Town Center.

Images Courtesy of U.P. Town Center.

Rediscovery starts with a shift in surroundings. Amidst the chaos, Ayala Malls U.P. Town Center emerges as a cherished refuge—a nurturing space fostering connections and community. To deepen this bond, the mall introduces initiatives, including motivational installations, social media interactions, and curated events celebrating diverse passions, hobbies, and advocacies throughout the year.

Installations cultivating love and community

As you navigate the mall, encounter introspective questions and affirmations prompting self-love and community reflection. A pathway challenges with, “How Will You Love Yourself Today?” while an interactive hopscotch floor-art boldly declares, “Today I deserve… Love, kindness, joy, hope, compassion, respect, peace, self-care.”

Images Courtesy of U.P. Town Center.

As you explore your favorite stores, discover a subtle yet impactful reminder on the floor whispering, “Everyone’s growth has its own rhythm.” Beyond installations and signs, it’s UPTC’s invitation to uncover the extraordinary within the everyday.

Reflections on growth and advocacy

“No Strangers in Town” seamlessly blends physical and virtual realms, encouraging patrons to engage in heartfelt reflections inspired by the mall’s installations, followed by a social media challenge. Going beyond introspection, the campaign contributes to a donation drive benefiting partner organizations: UP Red Cross Youth, UP Babaylan, and Hound Haven.

Images Courtesy of U.P. Town Center.

Running until November 17, patrons can share their thoughts on U.P. Town Center’s Rekindle installations through Instagram Story videos, nominating their chosen partner organization and friends to join the challenge. Donation allocation to partner organizations will be based on the number of nominations, with results unveiled on November 18 during the Rekindle Culminating Event.

Image Courtesy of U.P. Town Center.

This event, featuring partner organizations UP Red Cross Youth, UP Babaylan, and Hound Haven, will highlight their missions and announce allocated donations.

Guests can connect with these organizations at booths in the Activity Area, enjoy an insightful exhibit, and participate in raffles for a chance to win an Instax Mini. Be part of the Rekindle culmination event on Saturday, November 18, at the UPTC Activity Center, celebrating reflection, growth, connection, and community care.

For more details, visit https://www.ayalamalls.com/ or follow U.P. Town Center on Instagram (@iloveuptowncenter) and Facebook.