Travereel: Your Gateway to Connected and Rewarding Travel

MANILA, Philippines—Today marks the momentous launch of Travereel, an innovative travel app by Selcouth, promising a revolutionary shift in how people explore the world.

This one-stop solution streamlines travel planning, offering seamless booking through captivating reels shared by fellow travelers. From chic city apartments to lavish beach resorts or charming countryside B&Bs, Travereel opens up a world of diverse travel options.

L-R: Mr. Deepak Kumar, Paymonggo Head of Growth and Sales; Mr. Kurt Molina, Billease Head of Merchant Products; Mr. Terence Ridder, Lizard Global CEO of Asia; Mr. Ricky Sy, Travereel Chairman and Investor; Ms. Debbie Nebaya, Travereel CEO; Ms. Vicky Rada, Travereel COO; Mr. Mark Dela Cruz, Travereel Digital Marketing Manager; Paige Ranola and Jewel Mesina, Travereel Influencers

Image Courtesy of Travereel.

“Travereel was conceived from a deep passion for global exploration, driven by the belief that travel should be inclusive, tailored, and unforgettable for everyone,” shared Debbie Nebaya, Travereel CEO. “Our dedicated team has infused their passion into crafting this app, and we’re excited to realize our vision, empowering travelers to embark on journeys that etch lasting memories.”

Immerse yourself in a delightful showcase of hotel properties through engaging short vertical videos from our vibrant travel community, envisioning the charm of your upcoming vacations.

Travereel transcends the typical travel app; it’s your personalized travel concierge, offering an array of features to elevate your journeys.

Here are some standout features of the app:

Image Courtesy of Travereel.

Embark on a Journey of Discovery: Uncover hidden gems, from off-the-beaten-path attractions to local gastronomic delights and cultural encounters, with our meticulously curated recommendations and user-generated content. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of travel through the discerning lens of Travereel.

Elevated Travel Social Network: Forge connections with like-minded travelers, exchange experiences, and gain real-time insights from the sophisticated Travereel community. Uncover potential travel companions and craft enduring memories through shared travel narratives.

Effortless Booking: Seamlessly secure your preferred accommodations with a simple click and tap. Travereel ensures a smooth booking experience through the ‘Book’ button featured on each reel.

Flexible Financial Arrangements: Experience payment convenience with multiple options from Paymonggo, including Debit and Credit Cards, GCash, Maya, and Billease. Opt for the flexibility of Buy Now, Pay Later payment terms, tailored to your preferences.

Monetize Your Wanderlust: Embrace the role of a content creator by sharing your unique travel experiences. Post captivating videos and earn an affiliate commission for every booking originating from your shared travel reels and vlogs.

Safety at the Core: Stay well-informed with travel advisories and emergency contacts, receiving safety tips to ensure your well-being as you explore new destinations. Travereel prioritizes your security and peace of mind throughout your travels.

Image Courtesy of Travereel.

Travereel is now accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a seamless exploration of the world regardless of your device. Our dedication to creating a user-friendly and accessible platform lies at the core of Travereel’s development.

For additional details, please visit Travereel’s website at or follow us on our social media platforms: Facebook , Instagram, TikTok , YouTube.