Stream Live Volleyball Action with this Partnership Between Kumu and the PVL

MANILA, Philippines—With volleyball and its community on the rise, social media platform Kumu partners with The Premier Volleyball League (PVL) to give fans the opportunity to watch their favorite teams and players duke it out in the PVL 2022 Open Conference.

The PVL 2022 Open Conference will be streamed on and on the KUMU app when it opens on March 16 at the Paco Arena in Manila, giving volleyball fans a terrific set-up to watch the sport that they love. 

Image courtesy of Kumu

“The volleyball community is one of the strongest communities on Kumu right now,” said Carmela Tunay, Kumu’s partnership manager with the PVL and leading livestreamer from the volleyball community. “We in Kumu really want to support the community as a whole. What better way to accomplish that than to partner with the PVL, the home of our favorite players, and the best volleyball players in the country?” she added.

“I am sure this partnership will be beneficial to not only the PVL and KUMU, not only to the league’s teams and players, but, more importantly, to all volleyball fans as well,” PVL President Ricky Palou said of PVL’s newest partnership.

“It has been amazing to watch the outpouring of support of kumunizens towards the volleyball community in the short time that they’ve been hanging out at KUMU. It is only fitting that Kumu return the favor and show our support through the PVL partnership— spotlighting the league, and most importantly, the athletes,” said Paolo Pineda, Kumu Chief Commercial Officer.

Over the past several months, Kumu has become the preferred virtual tambayan of Filipino volleyball fans. While the PVL was on hiatus during the pandemic, the volleyball community on the popular social entertainment platform grew. The country’s top players joined and took part in entertaining live streams while fans were able to engage with their idols while waiting for the PVL to return.

In partnering with the PVL to stream their games, Kumu is taking the next step to grow the volleyball community even more. “Kumu aims to grow the PVL community by allowing fans to directly engage with their favorite athletes and personalities thereby elevating the sporting experience,” said Pineda. “As we say at Kumu, ‘Sama all’.”

You can follow the PVL on KUMU at: