Philippine Enterprises Thrive with GCash for Business

MANILA, Philippines—Customer experience is paramount, as studies emphasize its irreplaceable value in the success and growth of any company. Research from PwC highlights that customers are willing to pay a 16% premium for top-flight service, while 32% would abandon a beloved brand after just one negative experience.

Loyalty, as per the Temkin Group, provides businesses with flexibility, as loyal customers are more likely to repurchase, forgive mistakes, try new products, and refer the brand to others.

In line with empowering local businesses, GCash for Business organized the “Experience Easy” Business Summit, addressing the needs of Philippine companies in a demanding market. Kate Cruz, Head of B2B Marketing, emphasizes the importance of understanding customer expectations, noting GCash’s unique position to help businesses create enjoyable experiences based on user insights.

Image Courtesy of Gcash.

Effortless Business Solutions with Gcash

With mobile usage at 70% of internet traffic and rising, businesses face the challenge of delivering meaningful customer experiences amid numerous channels. GCash for Business simplifies this by offering a range of financial products, allowing companies to engage customers across touchpoints and overcome challenges effectively.

  • In the thriving Philippine eCommerce market, GCash for Business offers businesses a competitive advantage with seamless and preferred payment options. With millions of users, companies can facilitate online transactions through Webpay or in-store payments via Scan-to-Pay. The recent addition of Scan to Order streamlines the shopping experience, allowing users to order and pay directly on the GCash app.
  • In the pursuit of customer loyalty, personalization is crucial. GCash for Business Ad Solutions facilitates this by enabling companies to create tailored and timely messaging based on customer behavior. Accessible promo solutions, including affinity targeting, geo-targeted ads, and hyper-AI ads, empower businesses to reach their target audience precisely when needed.
  • In a competitive market, converting visits to sales is crucial, and merchants can achieve this by providing customers on a budget with easy and flexible installment options. Utilizing GCash features like GGives and GCredit, businesses can offer eligible users tailored payment plans, both online and in-store, ensuring financial ease for customers and boosting sales opportunities.
  • GCash for Business Funds Disbursement Solutions offers businesses versatile online or offline transaction completion, eliminating the hassle and risks associated with cash handling. Enhanced incentives, including customizable vouchers and GCash Card availability, enable businesses to seamlessly provide convenient and rewarding experiences throughout the entire purchase journey.

“Engaging customers effectively involves prioritizing key elements,” notes Luigi Reyes, VP for Commercial Sales and Operations. “GCash for Business focuses on delivering the essentials customers value most: speed, convenience, and personalization. This user-friendly platform streamlines transactions for businesses and enhances the overall customer experience.”

Companies can retain and engage their customer base by meeting demands in the evolving digital landscape. Leveraging GCash for Business, enterprises in the Philippines can seamlessly provide easy, flexible payment options, and rewards, catering to millions of Filipinos both online and offline.