Kumu is on the Hunt for the Next Filipino Idol Group with “Top Class”

MANILA, Philippines—Social Networking app Kumu announces its upcoming show “Top Class: The Rise to P-Pop Stardom” to be hosted by Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Thirty chosen participants will be battling for a spot in the top 5 for a chance to become the next Filipino Idol boy group alongside various rewards and cash prizes.

The show is kumu’s first-ever talent search competition for the next Filipino boy idol group. Top Class will be leveraging kumu’s popularity among Filipinos as anyone can audition through the kumu app. Only 30 participants will be accepted to Top Class and only five will be hailed as idols of the next boy group. Auditions began last March 20 and will end on April 20, 2022. Top Class episodes will be available to watch on TV5 and stream through the kumu app soon.

Image courtesy of Kumu

Advocating for original content

“We are at the cusp of a transition in the entertainment industry.” says Paolo Pineda, Chief Commercial Officer of kumu. “The traditional process of auditioning and thriving in the entertainment business has been disrupted, and Top Class is leveraging on that disruption.”

By making Top Class a multi-platform reality show available on both broadcast TV and live streaming, kumu breaks traditional barriers and maximizes the power of social media. Without leaving one’s home or lining up for auditions, anyone can be part of the country’s next P-Pop superstars.

What to expect on Top Class

Contestants will be placed in a “classroom” setting where they will be divided into teams or “cliques” and face weekly challenges or “clubs.” They will undergo an evaluation and elimination process where they can face consequences like “detention,” or worse “expelled” and be eliminated from the show.

The talent search will consist of a two-month training and three major showdowns for contestants to secure a spot in the Final 5. The 30 Top Class contestants will have the chance to showcase their talent in dance, voice, and rap, and receive coaching on modeling and image building to prepare them for the role of an idol. They will also receive special training from celebrity talent experts and coaches who will guide them in their journey.

The Final 5 will be part of Top Class’ next P-Pop boy group and will receive Php 2.5 million in cash, Php 50,000 worth of live streaming gadgets each, a three-year managing contract and a three-year record deal with Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. The full lineup of special judges, coaches, and hosts will be announced in the coming weeks.

Investing in the next P-Pop superstars 

kumu, Cignal Entertainment, TV5, and Cornerstone Entertainment, four major players in broadcasting, content creation, and the talent management industry, are coming together to make Top Class world-class. For the last two years, TV5, through Cignal Entertainment, has been a leading platform for content partnerships in the country. Meanwhile, Cornerstone Entertainment has been honing some of the biggest talents in the Philippines and has become the home of the best of the best in content creation. With kumu’s growing popularity, the wide reach of TV5, and the talent and content management expertise of Cornerstone Entertainment, the winning idols are assured of a bright future.

The search for the next P-Pop boy group is now open for men 16-26 years old. Nationwide scouting and online auditions via kumu will be from March 20 to April 20, 2022.

Check out the video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CbT7MCNp5AD/

How to join

Image courtesy of Kumu

  1. Download the kumu app on Apple App Store and Google Play and create your free account.
  2. In the kumu app, press the Karlito on the LIVE page.
  3. Click the ‘Post’ camera icon option to begin recording your audition video. Introduce yourself (NAME/AGE/LOCATION) and your talent – dance, voice, or rap.
  4. Post the video on your timeline with the hashtag #kumuTOPCLASS
  5. Make sure your kumu klip is only 57 seconds. You can only submit one audition video entry. 
  6. Share it on your kumu account and other social media accounts with the hashtag #kumuTOPCLASS.
  7. Fill out and submit your Top Class Application form. Access the link here: https://www.bit.ly/topclassaudition.

Download the kumu app on your smartphone and follow Top Class on kumu: https://app.kumu.ph/topclass.