Empower Entrepreneurs with GoDaddy Studio’s AI Video Tool

MANILA, Philippines—GoDaddy, the company empowering entrepreneurs, introduces “Instant Video” in its GoDaddy Studio app, a new AI-powered feature aimed at helping small business owners become confident content creators for digital marketing and social commerce, all without extra costs.

GoDaddy Studio already offers a range of resources for entrepreneurs to design content for websites, social media, and marketing, including thousands of templates. With the addition of AI, users can now easily create watermark-free, influencer-quality videos and generate slogans based on uploaded content. This user-friendly tool supports social media promotion, product demos, tutorials, and more, making it a valuable asset for business growth.

Image Courtesy of GoDaddy.

The app also allows for seamless integration of user-owned video and photos, along with content from GoDaddy Studio’s library, with a straightforward video export feature.

Selina Bieber, Vice President of International Markets at GoDaddy, emphasizes that GoDaddy Studio’s AI-powered Instant Video simplifies the creation of branded video content for Filipino small business owners, even without prior design experience. The app offers royalty-free music through a partnership with Melodie, supporting independent artists worldwide. Additionally, entrepreneurs can now purchase domain names directly within the app, access a free version of Website Builder, and upgrade to a matching email address.

GoDaddy Studio PRO users gain access to stock photos and videos, enhancing their content creation capabilities. The platform encourages experimentation with licensed music, pre-designed transitions, brand customization, and millions of available graphics and stickers for elevated social media engagement.

These new GoDaddy Studio features are available exclusively in the GoDaddy Studio app for both iOS and Android users.