Last Chance: Globe Gives Timely Reminder to Reactivate Your SIM within 5 Days

MANILA, Philippines—Globe, TM, and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi users who missed the July 25 deadline for SIM registration are experiencing the impact of non-compliance, with outgoing services and incoming calls deactivated. However, there is still a lifeline: from July 26 to 30, they have five days to catch up and reactivate their SIMs to prevent permanent deactivation.

Globe Group President and CEO, Ernest Cu, emphasizes the importance of uninterrupted mobile and broadband services and urges customers to seize this last opportunity to register their SIMs. To reactivate, customers must connect to a WiFi network and complete registration through Globe’s dedicated platform or the GlobeOne app. Globe Stores and EasyHubs are also available to assist walk-in customers.

Image Courtesy of Globe Telecom.

Failure to reactivate during this grace period will lead to permanent SIM deactivation, affecting all services like calls, text messages, mobile data, and access to crucial mobile applications. Starting July 31, 2023, unregistered SIMs will also forfeit remaining load balances and promo registrations.

Registering SIMs is essential not only to retain services but also to enhance customer security and prevent fraud. Act swiftly to secure your mobile services and ensure digital safety. Visit Globe’s website for more information.