OPPO’s Reno Series to Lead 2024 Telephoto Lens Trend in Mobile Photography

MANILA, Philippines—The global sale of telephoto lens-equipped smartphones exceeded 200 million in 2022, and Counterpoint Research’s latest report predicts a continued surge in 2024. This upward trend is propelled by the escalating consumer demand for superior zoom and portrait capabilities, once exclusive to professional cameras.

The lens plays a pivotal role in modern mobile photography, catering to the mass market’s desire for high-quality imaging. Telephoto lenses have evolved from a luxury to a necessity, providing consumers worldwide with essential tools to capture life’s moments with enhanced detail and clarity. The report emphasizes their crucial role as consumers seek professional-grade quality in documenting their experiences.

The Crucial Role of Telephoto Lenses

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

The telephoto lens has evolved into a cornerstone of mobile photography, empowering users to capture images distinguished by their sharpness and artistic quality. Whether framing a distant landscape or a close-up portrait, telephoto lenses deliver a level of detail and emotional resonance comparable to traditional cameras.

Counterpoint’s report highlights the global integration of these lenses into smartphones, showcasing their rising prominence in the mobile photography landscape.

The favored feature of zooming without compromising image quality, combined with the distinctive visual effects it offers, has positioned the telephoto lens as a top choice among smartphone users. Recent findings indicate a global increase in the proportion of smartphones featuring a telephoto camera, reaching 19.3%, and a higher prevalence in China at 24.4%. This reaffirms the indispensable role of telephoto lenses in the contemporary mobile photography landscape.

Telephoto Lens Demand Continues its Upward Surge

Image Courtesy of OPPO.

The study reveals a rapid increase in the adoption of telephoto lenses within China’s economically priced smartphone segments, contributing significantly to the market by Q3 2023. This surge in sales reflects the growing demand for premium features, such as telephoto lenses, in affordable smartphones.

Recognizing this trend, smartphone brands have responded by incorporating telephoto capabilities into mid-tier phones, democratizing enhanced photography experiences that were traditionally exclusive to high-end models.

OPPO Sustains Commitment to Advanced Telephoto Photography Investments

OPPO has been a key player in making high-quality mobile photography accessible to the masses. Through its commitment to integrating superior camera technology, especially in the Reno series, OPPO has consistently delivered innovation at an affordable price. The Reno10 series, introducing the telephoto lens, exemplifies OPPO’s dedication to providing top-tier photography features to a broad consumer base.

With each Reno series iteration, OPPO has advanced professional-grade photography tools, making them available to everyday users. As the market anticipates the Reno11 Series, OPPO remains steadfast in its commitment to pioneering affordable, high-quality mobile photography.

Shaping the Future of Mobile Photography with Telephoto Lenses

In summary, Counterpoint’s report predicts a promising future for telephoto lenses, underscoring their vital role in the ongoing evolution of mobile photography. OPPO, particularly with its renowned Reno series, is identified as a leader in this innovation, with further advancements expected, notably with the imminent Reno11 Series. This progress is anticipated to solidify OPPO’s pioneering position, addressing the growing consumer demand for sophisticated photographic capabilities in smartphones.

OPPO’s upcoming addition to the Reno lineup, the telephoto lens-equipped Reno11 series, is set to launch in global markets soon, promising to bring studio-level photography within reach for everyone.

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