How Has the PH Music Industry Been Affected By the Pandemic? See Top Music Agency Homonym’s Latest Study

MANILA, PhilippinesHomonym Philippines, the nation’s premier music-first agency, has conducted a brand new study on the state of the Filipino music industry. In particular, the study investigates the way that musicians and music-lovers are coping with the difficult situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, and also surveys pandemic-influenced consumption preferences.

Homonym refreshed the landmark study they conducted in 2016-2018 to glean fresh data on the buying habits of Filipino music lovers, based on their preferred music. In partnership with the 18th Congress of the Philippines (led by Congressman Toff De Venecia), they also gathered data for the Creative Industry Welfare Protection Act. The goal was to see how the music industry can be included in initiatives to support and uplift struggling musicians and music workers in the midst of a pandemic.

“We certainly kept ourselves busy during the lockdown. It was the perfect opportunity for us to refresh our landmark music preference and consumer behavior study within the context of a pandemic,” says Homonym Founder and CEO Mike Constantino. “We felt it was important to share this information to help our partners make strategic creative decisions, while giving hope to our friends in the music industry.”

The study will be released on Homonym’s newly launched website, found at The online platform has been redesigned from the ground up in order to more effectively communicate its message to make music easy. From music production, to music licensing and sync, to artist booking and curation, their team of sonic specialists utilize their deep networks, penchant for research and diverse taste to provide music solutions with their signature music-first approach.

Data Sample from Homonym

The website not only provides useful music data and research, it also allows for hassle-free music licensing, access to case studies and past works, and the ability to book a free consultation with Homonym.

The 2020 study can be found at

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