Eco-Skepticism: Just 5% Trust Businesses’ Environmental Commitment

MANILA, Philippines—In a concerning revelation, the latest Havas Ortega study highlights a significant gap in the Philippines: while 41% of Filipino Prosumers place the primary responsibility for addressing climate change on corporations and brands, a mere 5% believe these entities are actively working to reduce their environmental impact.

This disparity underscores a harsh reality—merely acknowledging responsibility is insufficient. The need for bold, unwavering environmental leadership is urgent to meet the expectations of an increasingly eco-conscious Filipino consumer.

Image Courtesy of Havas Ortega.

Jos Ortega, Chairman and CEO of Havas Ortega, issued a warning, stating, “Our Prosumer Report’s findings are a stark alert for Filipino businesses and brands amid an escalating climate crisis. Filipino Prosumers are acutely aware of the environmental stakes and expect companies to lead sustainable innovations.”

The report unveils a major shift in consumer behavior, with 60% of Filipino Prosumers distancing themselves from brands conflicting with their environmental values. This presents both a challenge and opportunity for businesses to embrace authentic sustainability.

Image Courtesy of Havas Ortega.

An impressive 82% of these Prosumers believe large corporations can drive change against climate change, while 83% insist profit-rich enterprises should lead in funding environmental initiatives. This underscores the crucial role of corporate entities in the fight against global warming.

To bridge the gap between responsibility and action, Havas Ortega emphasizes Enhanced Transparency. Businesses must openly communicate their environmental initiatives, aligning them with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Active Engagement across sectors and the deployment of innovative technologies can boost efficiency and sustainability.

The key to genuine progress lies in Corporate Accountability. While setting ambitious goals is a start, businesses must actively pursue, assess, and transparently report progress in environmental stewardship.

Jos Ortega issues a call to action, stating, “Through collaboration, innovation, and accountability, we can confront climate change and create a sustainable legacy.”

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