Epson Advocates For Green and Sustainable Business This 2022

MANILA, PhilippinesEpson Philippines recently held a media session to discuss and highlight the importance of incorporating sustainable and environment-friendly business practices this 2022.

Focusing on sustainable business solutions that have the capacity to improve business effectiveness and lessen users’ carbon footprint, Epson put emphasis on how its business solutions, including printers and projectors, help users achieve greater productivity and efficiency in their operations through innovative technologies that allow for smarter and greener ways to get things done.

This is in light of the recently changed market that calls for a fresh and non-traditional way of giving solutions to businesses affected by the pandemic, and who are implementing the hybrid setup. Leveraging on its compact and precision technologies, Epson’s products are designed to contribute to transforming how businesses work for the better as the market gravitates towards a more sustainable world. Epson’s inkjet printers offer significant savings on power consumption compared to similar speed laser printers, allowing businesses to save on energy costs through Epson’s heat-free technology.

Epson’s technologies are also designed to create better spaces that enhance productivity, while also championing business sustainability through the use of eco-friendly products, starting with its heat-free technology. This enables businesses to save up on energy consumption and expedite processes, while also contributing to lessening environmental impact in the form of less carbon dioxide emission and less waste production.

Commitment to Sustainability

As the global sustainability movement accelerated over the years, Epson ensures that its innovative products and services are aligned with the company’s and the global drive for sustainability.

As businesses now enter the recovery phase in the new normal, Epson also deems it fit that companies also embrace their role as responsible businesses in terms of energy and technology consumption. Epson’s offering of green technology allows partners to transition to a low-carbon economy, and lessen their impact on the environment.

The company continues to capitalize on its technological expertise to create efficient, compact, precise, and energy-efficient products and services that are in line with its sustainability goals. They have launched campaigns such as the “Turn Down the Heat” campaign, a partnership with National Geographic that aims to encourage people to practice energy conservation, a factor that will help slow down global warming.

The campaign comes as scientists predict the world’s permafrost will thaw entirely by 2100, raising global sea levels, flooding coastal communities, and creating frequent extreme weather events. Together, Epson and National Geographic are raising awareness on how people can reduce their own environmental impact by adopting sustainable technologies.

Greater Awareness on Climate Change

The company has partnered with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines to create a three-dimensional virtual museum showcasing various habitats and how they are affected by climate change. The partnership is aligned with Epson’s sustainability initiatives to create greater awareness on climate change, especially among students and teachers, with the overarching goal of promoting environmental stewardship among Filipinos.

Image courtesy of Epson Philippines

In a talk delivered by Ms. Jonna Jacinto, Project Officer for the Education for Sustainable Development Team of WWF Philippines, the virtual museum was described as an opportunity to bring an immersive experience to the Filipinos, allowing them to better appreciate the effects of climate change and global warming on different parts of the world, from the arctic to tropical countries like the Philippines.

Anchored on Epsons’ “Turn Down the Heat” campaign, the virtual museum aims to raise awareness on how people can reduce their impact on global warming by spawning a call-to-action in reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint — from their homes, to offices, and other businesses.

“Epson is always committed to put sustainability at the core of its business, and we hope that through our initiatives to constantly innovate our products and solutions, we’ll help shape an ecologically sound future. Through our efforts to put sustainability into focus, we hope that we can encourage our partners and the Filipino community to join us in this sustainability journey, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations,” concluded Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines.