Coca-Cola™ Honors the Unstoppable Force of Bringing Families Together in Holiday Campaign

MANILA, Philippines—The holidays are approaching, and Coca-Cola is marking the occasion with the launch of its new campaign, “Christmas Always Finds Its Way,” which celebrates the unstoppable, magical force of Christmas in overcoming all obstacles to bring people together.

Coca-Cola launched Real Magic®, its new global brand platform and philosophy, in 2021, inviting everyone, everywhere to celebrate humanity’s magic. The belief that we find magic when we come together and share our experiences is central to the philosophy.

In this year’s multi-channel, digital, and experiential campaign, Coca-Cola is set to create a series of memorable and distinct moments across the Philippines, designed to celebrate and create that festive magic across country, while observing the special role that gatherings, meals, and traditions play in bringing families, friends, and communities together. After all, Coca-Cola has always been a staple of Filipino festivities.

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“We are delighted to hear stories of Filipinos who always celebrate Christmas with a bottle or two of Coca-Cola, so with this year’s campaign, we want to better enrich the festivities through a series of activities in the Philippines that can bring a truly magical experience,” said Cesar Gangoso, East Region Frontline Marketing Director of Coca-Cola ASEAN and South Pacific.

The campaign starts with a film, Just Like Mama Used to Make”, directed by German filmmakers Dorian and Daniel and created by Grey Global. The film tells the heartwarming story of a son’s mother’s memory being kept alive through the preparation of a treasured family recipe, which continues to bring his family and new generations together for Christmas magic.

“The long association of Coca-Cola with Christmas is something we treasure and, this year, we’re back with a new campaign that we hope people all over the world will love,” shared Selman Careaga, president of Coca-Cola trademark. “It celebrates families and friends, past and present, as well as those shared recipes, memories, and traditions that bind generations together over the Christmas meal.”

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The iconic Caravans will return as part of the brand’s larger holiday plans. Coca-Cola has built its Caravans truck asset as a powerful and tangible icon of Christmas around the world for nearly three decades, since it first lit up the small screen in a TV ad in the mid-1990s.

Coca-Cola Caravans are returning this year, and the brand will be curating a truly magical, festive experience centered on sharing meals with an ice-cold Coca-Cola drink. Coca-reimagined Cola’s ‘The Coca-Cola Care-A-Van’ in the Philippines aims to takeover over forty food fests across the country, with the goal of bringing communities together for festive cheer.

The first Coca-Cola Care-A-Van Community Takeover was in Pasig City’s Greenfield District on December 3, 2022. With a jolly Santa Claus holding a bottle of Coca-Cola painted on its body, the iconic truck welcomed guests and served as a photo wall for taking festive photos.

Food tents surrounding the venue also provided meals and Coca-Cola products to be enjoyed during the program. A dynamic performance by Coke Studio artist and rising P-Pop group ALAMAT, raffle draws, games, and other activities also contributed to the lively atmosphere.

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Coca-Cola continues to not only refresh people with delicious drinks but aims to also refresh communities. In partnership with the Ronald McDonald House of Charities Philippines, the Coca-Cola Care-A-Van Community Takeover will make a stop at Sitio Pintor, Rizal to host a Christmas party and give away meals and Coca-Cola products to 100 underserved families—bringing the spirit of Christmas to whoever needs it.

The digital experience will continue as Coca-Cola launches Call from Santa web platform that will be available on iOS, Android, Win, and Mac. Filipinos can also access the platform by scanning a QR code in select Coca-Cola bottles. Anyone who wishes to send a surprise to their loved ones can request a personalized video message from Santa. With the Philippines being one of the largest diasporas globally, the platform is a welcome initiative, especially for those who are out of the country.

Image courtesy of Coca-Cola™

“We all know how special Christmas is to Filipinos, but we also recognize that there are many out there who can’t be home during the holiday season due to various circumstances or obligations, even as they yearn to be among their loved ones to celebrate a Christmas meal,” said Tony del Rosario, President of Coca-Cola Philippines and Vice President for the East Franchise Operations of Coca Cola ASEAN and South Pacific.

Christmas will still be festive this year, especially for those facing difficult journeys, as Coca-Cola works to bring Filipinos together and remind us that the joy comes from the moments we spend with our loved ones.

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