Charting the Course: IKEA Philippines Updates on the Journey to Sustainable Living

MANILA, Philippines—IKEA, the Swedish home furnishing brand, remains dedicated to its vision of enhancing everyday life for the many people and the planet. Ikano Retail, the IKEA franchisee in the Philippines, recently unveiled its sustainability overview and performance report towards achieving 2025 targets.

The report spans various aspects, including sustainable product sales, workplace gender balance, and comprehensive carbon emissions accounting. Covering the 2023 financial year (September 2022 – August 2023), the report emphasizes IKEA’s commitment to inspiring healthy and sustainable living, promoting circularity and climate positivity, and fostering a fair and inclusive culture.

(L-R) Jarek Lesniewski, Country Fulfillment Operations Manager, IKEA Philippines Angie Lat, Business Navigation and Operations Manager, IKEA Pasay City Weng Manalaysay, Country HR Manager, IKEA Philippines Gerard Perlas, Online Sales Leader & Commercial Activity Leader, IKEA Philippines Alejandro Aguirre Jr., Food Manager, IKEA Pasay City

Image Courtesy of IKEA.

Promoting Healthy & Sustainable Living

IKEA champions sustainable living, offering a diverse array of affordable, eco-friendly home solutions and food items to the Filipino community. In the past year, IKEA successfully distributed 1,020,920 sustainable home furnishing items in the Philippines, ranging from energy-efficient bulbs to furniture crafted from responsibly sourced materials. Currently, an impressive 73% of IKEA’s home furnishing products are either made from renewable or recycled materials.

Image Courtesy of IKEA.

The commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in IKEA Philippines’ culture, instilling a strong sense of purpose and environmental responsibility among its co-workers. Remarkably, over 90% of them feel equipped to care for (92%) and actively contribute to (95%) the planet.

As part of its ongoing pledge, IKEA aims to make 50% of the main meals at its Swedish restaurant plant-based by 2025. Although achieving 33% last year, IKEA introduced the HUVUDROLL plant ball, a commendable plant-based alternative to its popular meat counterpart.

Climate Positivity in Action

IKEA demonstrates its commitment to circularity and climate positivity through various operational measures, including circular business practices, recycling initiatives, and electrified home deliveries.

Image Courtesy of IKEA.

In the previous year, IKEA Philippines successfully refurbished and reintroduced 10,880 products, valued at over 9 million pesos, into a circular economy. These products, deemed ‘good as new’ by customers, reflect IKEA’s dedication to maintaining high-quality standards and fostering innovation.

Driven by an effective recycling and waste management system, IKEA Philippines achieved a 61% recycling rate for paper and plastic waste in its store operations. In food operations, the company recorded an impressive 70% reduction in food waste volume compared to the previous year.

Images Courtesy of IKEA.

IKEA’s partnership with the electric vehicle company, Mober, has flourished, contributing to sustainable transport. The company has made significant progress, reaching 7.7% of its 2025 target for electric vehicle deliveries (33%) while actively working to further accelerate its electrification efforts.

Fair & Inclusive Practices at IKEA Philippines

IKEA, a beloved brand in the Philippines since its 2021 inception, not only sets sustainability benchmarks but also prioritizes people-centric values.

Internally, IKEA Philippines champions inclusivity with a gender-balanced workforce, boasting a ratio of 45.9% female and 54.1% male employees across the organization.

Beyond its walls, IKEA Philippines fosters community impact through ongoing partnerships. Collaborating with social enterprise Rags2Riches (R2R) as a sewing services partner in IKEA Pasay City, R2R has upcycled 4,000 kilograms of scrap fabrics, generating P7 million in revenues. This initiative has directly impacted 250 families, showcasing IKEA’s commitment to inclusive practices and positive community engagement.

Forging a Sustainable Tomorrow Together

IKEA stands at the forefront of the retail industry, championing sustainability. The receptive Philippine market fuels IKEA Philippines’ commitment to driving positive change.

Beyond their own success, IKEA Philippines aspires to inspire both individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable practices, contributing to a shared commitment to building a more sustainable future for all.

For detailed insights, explore the Ikano Retail FY23 Sustainability Report and visit the official IKEA website at