Warning: Intense Waves of Confusion Await in RC Cola’s Latest Spot That Will Get You Thinking

MANILA, Philippines — Did you think you’ve already seen the weirdest ad from RC Cola? Think again after watching this new campaign on RC Cola Qute… Spoiler alert: it’s as weird as ever! 

Nothing is ever what it seems in the world of RC Cola.

The story follows a man’s romantic proposal to a woman in a restaurant. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? 

But the scene takes an odd turn, when the debonair is revealed to be a set of talkative dentures suspended in a glass of water. “I love you, Quito,” the woman professes, unfazed.

It’s just another day for the waiters, and they clap for the happy couple. But no happy ending here…turns out there are other women in Quito’s life (and a second baby on the way). The pustiso has more game than you think! The women all corner him into explaining himself, which puts the toothy casanova on edge.  Infidelity doesn’t pay.

“Guy’s got a lot,” the waiter says, chugging down a bottle of RC Cola Qute, which now contains a lot more:  37 ml additional RC Cola, for only Php 10.
The absurd spot leaves us asking so many questions, but is it really an RC Cola ad if it didn’t? Basta! Marami.

RC Cola Qute, Image courtesy of GIGIL

Seems like RC Cola’s first campaign was just the beginning, and there’s more to expect from this strange universe, where the only answer to any question is, “Basta!”

RC Cola first made headlines for their spot “Family,” which went instantly viral on its release in November 2020. This was followed by the second film “Band,” which got netizens buzzing as well. 

The campaigns have been made in collaboration with leading independent ideas agency, GIGIL, which also handles communications duties for Netflix, Accenture, Julie’s Bakeshop, Orocan, Mega Tuna, Danes Cheese, Greenwich, and Jollibee.

Watch this weird ad below: