UNIQLO Brings a Fusion of Icons as Roger Federer and JW ANDERSON Redefine LifeWear

MANILA, Philippines—UNIQLO unveils the Roger Federer by JW ANDERSON collection, a fusion of UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador Roger Federer’s timeless style and JW ANDERSON’s vibrant take on sports and performance wear. The collection, tailored for those who effortlessly blend sports and daily life, arrives in the Philippines on Monday, September 11, 2023.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our latest collection, a joint creation by Roger Federer and JW ANDERSON. This innovative LifeWear style harmonizes the distinctive skills of a tennis legend and a fashion visionary,” shared Koji Yanai, Fast Retailing Senior Executive Officer and Head of UNIQLO Global Marketing including Sports. 

Image Courtesy of UNIQLO.

“Throughout the development of his tennis attire, Roger and I engaged in insightful discussions about its versatility for both on-court and off-court wear. Naturally, we turned to JW ANDERSON, known for its profound grasp of sports and performance wear. I’m confident that the new collection will resonate with individuals seeking styles aligned with their daily preferences.” Roger Federer added, “I’ve always aspired to create a collection that seamlessly transitions from tennis to everyday life. I’m fortunate that Jonathan shared this vision. Together, we’ve fashioned a chic and comfortable line infused with classic tennis aesthetics. Jonathan’s exceptional creativity and down-to-earth approach made working on this collection a genuine pleasure.” 

Image Courtesy of UNIQLO.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Jonathan Anderson remarked, “When I was initially approached to design alongside Roger, I was genuinely elated. My admiration for Roger’s play greatly influenced my excitement. Our collection was thoughtfully designed with diverse Roger admirers in mind, ensuring it suits match settings, classic ensembles, and casual urban wear. The outcome is an elevated, timeless creation that truly stands out.”

Collection Overview

Images Courtesy of UNIQLO.

Incorporating polo shirts and shorts made from UNIQLO DRY EX fabric, the collection is a result of the ongoing collaboration with Jonathan Anderson. It features numerous gender-neutral pieces, such as nylon easy pants adorned with side piping for color highlights, a vibrant premium lambswool crewneck sweater with vivid hues and intricate knitwork, and a fleece full zip jacket complemented by a distinct breast pocket in an alternate material. 

Explore the special website dedicated to the Roger Federer Collection by JW ANDERSON at https://www.uniqlo.com/ph/en/contents/collaboration/rogerfederer-jwanderson/23fw/