McDonald’s Billboard Greeting Cards Made for a Heartfelt Mother’s Day Celebration

MANILA, Philippines—Last Mother’s Day, McDonald’s Philippines expressed the love and appreciation families and children had for their mothers with a number of digital billboard placements featuring heartfelt Mother’s Day greetings.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, McDonald’s Philippines encouraged children and families to express their overflowing love and brimming pride for their moms and all mother figures in their lives. By sharing reasons why they are proud of their mom and a photo of her, they had the opportunity to give their mom the biggest and most epic Mother’s Day greeting – a feature in McDonald’s digital billboard placements in select highways all over the country!

Gathering 6000+ entries on their official Facebook page, McDo featured a total of 108 moms –  60  on social media and 48 across 10 billboards located along Katipunan, Commonwealth, Edsa Forum, Edsa Magallanes, Edsa Kamuning, Lawton, Colon Cebu, Escario Cebu, and Laurel Davao last May 8 – 10.

Images courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines

Behind those beautiful photos and charming smiles are stories of strength and unconditional love that these mothers and mom-figures have shown their loved ones. Here are some of the stories shared that are truly inspirational.

Mothers who are fighting a silent battle

Aimee Grce’s mother proves that no illness – not even cancer – is strong enough to keep her from upholding her role as a mother. Her children serve as her motivation to power through as she maintains a positive outlook. Continuously remaining steadfast and positive amid life’s challenges with her family by her side. It is through these challenges that bring the family closer together and an opportunity for children to truly appreciate how tough mothers can be.

Mothers wearing multiple hats

Life’s uncertainty often catches us by surprise which urges mothers to play both the role of mother and father to their children. Riche Doronila-Banal shares a heartwarming story of when her mother, a retired nurse, conducted CPR on their father whom she found lying on the bathroom floor. She had to stay strong and keep her composure as all her children witnessed the incident. Unfortunately, their father passed away. Since then, their mother embraced her role as the head of household, ensuring she provided the best for her kids. 

Non-biological mother figures

Family is not only measured by blood and this is most apparent in the Filipino culture. Myra Agol shares a story of when her adoptive mother took her in at only 11 days old. Her adoptive family always put her needs above their own, amidst the struggle of making ends meet. It even came to a point where her mother had to sacrifice her life savings when Myra was faced with a serious situation. This shows how Moms are willing to do everything for their children, and children-like people to them.

Mother’s Day is not the only day children can celebrate their mothers, but it is during this day that we collectively hear & share stories which allow us to celebrate & appreciate our mothers more because of the weight that their roles carry.

McDonald’s would like to express its deepest gratitude to all Mothers and mother figures. Hats off to all Moms and mother figures out there! McDonald’s celebrates you for being you.

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